Fitness sport couple running jogging outside on trailTake your workout outdoors to freshen up your routine. The possibilities for fresh air fitness are virtually unlimited. Here are a few to try.

Stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fast growing water sport. If the idea of it sounds daunting, give it another look. SUP uses boards that are much larger and more stable than regular surf boards. SUP engages every muscle of the body and can be as gentle or intense as your fitness level allows. Benefits include increased core strength, stamina and balance. SUP is great for weight loss, too. If SUP classes are offered in your area, or even while you are on vacation give one a try. SUP is a fun way to stay fit and add variety to your workout routine.

Take a walk in nature

A University of Michigan study found that nature walks boost mental health. Benefits include less perceived stress, improved well-being and decreased depression. Researchers found that even participants who had experienced a difficult life event such as death or divorce experienced a positive boost in mood after a walk in nature. Other studies found benefits such as improved creativity. Not only can you expect to feel better but you’ll also do your body some good too. Walking at just a casual pace on a flat surface will burn around 170 calories in an hour. Boost the burn by stepping up your pace or adding a backpack.

Woman stretching on the running trackHIIT the track

Take a few laps and include some exercises to increase intensity and add interest. Here is a routine to try.

·         Run 2 warm up laps

·         Do 10 mountain climbers: begin in the plank position and alternate driving your knees toward your chest. Be sure to keep your hips flat and parallel to the ground as you move.

·         Run 1 lap as fast as you can

·         Do 10 push ups

·         Run 1 lap at a moderate pace

·         Run 1 lap as fast as you can

·         Do 10 bicycle crunches: start on your back and bend both knees toward your chest with hands clasped behind your head. Focus on a point to the left and right of your body. Keep your gaze on those two points as you twist and crunch to each side, reaching your right elbow to your left knee, left elbow to right knee.

You can adjust this routine as needed based on your fitness level. Just be sure that you alternate periods of high intensity (you should not be able to pass the talk test) with lower or more moderate intensity.

Run the trail

Trail running helps you get all the benefits of exercising in nature. Your joints also take less of a hit than they would running on harder ground. The varying terrain keeps you focused and your interest high so you leave all your cares behind while you run.

These are just a few ideas but really there is a limitless list of ways to workout outdoors. Swim, play ball, jump rope, garden or bike. Pull out an old interest or try something new and just get out there and play.