Do you love to exercise just as much as you love to hang out with your dog? If so—or even if you don’t like to exercise but you know you’ve got to in order to keep up with your dog’s energy level—this article is paw-fect. Learn why working out with your dog is the best kill-two-birds-with-one-stone that we could ever offer you.
Think of Your Dog as the Best Workout Buddy You Could Have
If you have trouble getting your daily workout in, why not take your dog with you? Studies from Michigan State University have shown that dog owners are 34 percent more likely to work out (about 150 minutes’ worth per week!) than those who didn’t. So, whether you want to walk alongside him, or go on a brisk run, you and your canine can maintain good health together.
Dogs Love to Run (So Up Your Running Game!)
Whether you want to begin a running routine (or you’re already a runner who wants to up her workout), dogs can be the perfect way to improve your performance and endurance. Why? Because dogs are great runners, themselves—meaning, they won’t slow down just because you want to. Increase the challenge by implanting lunges during your run, and you’ll soon have abs of steel, and legs that turn heads!
Take it to the Lake

young woman and her rottweiler on a sea kayak
If you’ve got a waterdog, then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to strengthen your body with kayaking or paddle boarding. If you don’t have your own kayak, most cities and towns offer kayak rental services (just costing you $10-$15 per hour.) Perch your dog in the front of the kayak, and work out your core, back and biceps in a fun way! Worried your dog might go overboard? Practice with your pooch on dry land first, so he knows how to safety get in and out. Then, when you’re ready for the real thing, bring his favorite treats!
Skip Your Spin Class and Cycle With Your Dog, Instead
If you have a dog with lots of energy (as most dog owner’s do), why not get your ‘cycle on’ while wearing out your dog in the process? Dogs with a high level of energy love going on a run—something that dog owners can have difficulty with if their dogs are pulling too aggressively. Holding onto your dog’s leash while cycling beside your exuberant dog is the perfect solution. As a plus for owners who have dogs with anxiety or aggression, increased exercises has been shown to promote serotonin, the brain hormone that will allow your dog to relax.
Whether you have a small or large dog breed, your high energy pooch will be the perfect workout companion. He’ll keep you going strong with your workout, help you to stay moving, and be your cheering, dog wagging companion every step on the way.