If you’re working out while pregnant, many women are concerned how safe it is. Can you stick to a normal schedule? As you progress, do you need to monitor your workouts? Is there a risk of overexertion by doing too much strength training or cardio? Is there such a thing as dangerous exercise while pregnant? Here, we address the do’s and don’ts, so you can stay healthy term after term!
Working Out Is a Healthy Routine During Pregnancy
As a general rule for most women, yes – it’s perfectly healthy to work while pregnant. Many first-time moms worry that exercise is unsafe while pregnant. The truth is, keeping up an exercise routine while pregnant offer many health benefits for both baby and mom! Here are a few:

• It may ease the pain of labor and delivery;
• It can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes;
• It will help reduce the effects of fatigue.

Exercising during pregnancy will also keep you active. Chronic fatigue can be a pestering effect during the second and third trimester. By staying in motion with low to moderate forms of exercise, you can feel better, stay fit and reduce the risk of excessive weight gain. It’s also a great way to stay in the habit of working out, so that post-pregnancy, you can swing right back into your workouts with ease.
Choose Exercises Appropriate For Your Term
During your first trimester, you may have the most energy you’ll have throughout your entire pregnancy. Take advantage of it! Try a new barre class. Take yoga. Do a dance class you’ve heard some great things about! This is the perfect time to vary up your routine and fall in love with working out. During your second trimester, go with what feels natural. If your energy is lacking, keep up your routine of going to the gym and go with what inspires you. Some days it may be lifting light weights, while other days you may want to do lunges, or walk outside with a workout buddy. If you were used to running before your pregnancy, keep up the habit. Just adjust as the terms progress and listen to your body when you’ve had enough.
Exercise can also be a great stress reliever. Feeling anxious about your delivery date? That’s ok! Keeping up a workout routine is a great way to get the nervousness out. Just be sure to be diligent about your hydration level. Fuel your body with complex carbs, fiber and protein, and as you work out, by mindful about how your body reacts to the exercises you do.