Your back pain may be due to weak oblique muscles, and if you don’t strengthen them as you should, it could lead to many serious health concerns. The obliques, which act as those powerful side abdomen muscles you need to support your spine and lower back, can become a powerful group of muscles when you incorporate them into your workout.

Forgetting about your obliques during your workout? Are you ignoring them completely?  Are you working out your front abdomen muscles and not your sides? Have no fear. When you work out your obliques, you won’t just finally acquire that rock hard stomach you ache for, or those lean abdomen muscles that you dream about having.

You’ll also achieve perfect posture and balance; an extra dose of power when you’re heavy lifting or racing towards the finish line; and an extra boost of support when you’re climbing stairs or moving heavy boxes.

As if you need any other reason to make oblique’s part of your workout, we’ve got it: Look good naked when you strengthen these important abdomen muscles, or just show off your amazing torso when walking outside in nothing but a tank top and shorts. Here’s your exercise guide to maximize your workout time in order to get a stronger set of muscles, and just in time for summer!

Reduce Mid-Section Fat Surrounding Your Oblique’s

Before you begin a rigorous workout, remember the golden rule: Losing weight and getting fit is 80 percent the foods you eat (and thus, the amount of calories you consume) and 20 percent working out. When you’re troubled area is your mid-section, it can seem like losing inches around your belly can take years. Rest assured, you’ll begin to see the natural shape of your core in just a few weeks, and just by eating small but frequent meals and working out at least three times a week.

Target Your Oblique Muscles With These Easy Maneuvers!

Strengthening your oblique muscles only requires one thing – abdominal exercises, and lots of them!  Start by sitting flat on your back on a medicine ball, with your feet flat on the ground below you. Perform five set of 25 reps of slow crunches.

Next, lie down on the ground and perform three sets of 25 side crunches, first on your left side and then on the right side. End your workout by performing bicycle sit-ups. Lie down on your back, and as your legs are straight out in front of you, extend your left leg into a bent knee position, and raising it up to your chest while taking your right shoulder and crossing over to your left knee. Now, do the same with the opposite leg, and repeat six times.

You’ll strengthen your oblique muscles in a short time with consistent exercise, and when you do, you’ll feel sexier, more energetic and even taller than before! It’s a workout that when done weekly, can give you fast and powerful results.