Beautiful sportswoman stretching with the sea in the backgroundJ. Lo has some fierce legs, as does your sister, and that girl from accounting. So, now it’s your turn! Turn the spring time into workout time (with an emphasis on your legs), and be enthusiastic about breaking out your shorts and skirts. Do you have the bikini blues? After incorporating the following workout to your mix, you won’t. Read on to achieve killer stems in record breaking time!

The Sumo Squat

When upping leg exercises, many women make the mistake of targeting one area of the lower body. Instead of hitting all angles (the back, front, inner and outer thighs) they may target just one or the other, leaving major muscle groups abandoned. For your first exercise, work all major thigh muscles in order to make your legs as strong as a sumo wrestlers—but without any of the bulk.

Begin in a standing position, with a heavy dumb bell in your hands.  Position yourself so that your feet are about shoulder width apart and your shoulders are back. Slowly bend down with your back straight and your hips back and supporting your glutes. Go as far down as you can without touching the ground until you’re reached a classic squat position. Keep your shoulders and torso arched—this is a great position for improving posture as well as toning your thighs. Lift yourself up slowly and back to your starting position. Repeat 3-4 times.

Front Kick to Reverse Lunge

Do you need better balance and leaner thighs? Be sure to add this exercise to your mix!

Start out by standing upright and with your feet shoulder width apart. Begin by taking a step back with your left foot and lunge forward with your right. Then, as you lunge forward with your left foot, kick your right foot forward (instead of assuming the usual lunge stance.) Repeat by rotating from lunge to kick for 15-20 repetitions.

Take the Stairs Whenever Possible

Stepping downWith summer approaching, now is not the time to take shortcuts in your workout. Seize the opportunity to work out outside of the gym and you’ll tone and tighten faster and in record time for the summery season! Does your office building have an elevator? Make it your new rule to pass—you’ll take the stairs instead. Do you live walking distance to the grocery store, post office or drug store? Run your errands (literally!) while giving your legs an extra mini workout and you’ll be that much closer to wearing those shorts with confidence.

Dancing While Washing Dishes

Body confidence isn’t just created from working out—it’s caused by the right workout.  So, if you desperately want to bring your sexy back (in tank tops, bikinis and shorts) dance your way to the body you want.  Listen to your favorite playlist while doing the dishes, vacuuming or doing the laundry. Get into it, and dance your heart out. Fold your colors while squatting down and shaking your hips. Or, practice one legged lunges while vacuuming.

Your life is filled with moments to exercise, to ‘up your game’, and to improve your confidence and happiness with yourself. With summer right around the corner, there’s no better opportunity than right now to tone, tighten and get those gorgeous stems of yours in perfect working order (and looking amazing.) Up your leg workouts and seize every opportunity to show them off!