Consider burpees the affordable and assessable total body workout. It targets multiple muscle groups, such as the back, quads, hamstrings, biceps, and core. In short, pretty much whatever area of the body you need to work out, it works it! So, whether you simply want to strengthen your body, or lose inches, you need to love burpees (or at least love the results burpees gives you!). Keep reading to find out how to do it – with varieties and modifications that will work for anyone, of any fitness level.
Earn That Body (By Doing Those Burpees!)
Burpees are an amazing workout that will deliver results, but it’s not for the faint hearted. Just a few burpees and your heart rate will be beating fast and your legs might feel like they are on fire—but that’s the fun part because the benefits of burpees are all over the map. Some of the best benefits include:
• You won’t just reap the benefit of strength, or endurance. With burpees, you get the best of all worlds, including strength, endurance, agility, balance, and coordination all in one.
• You can do this workout anywhere. If you travel often for work, have a tiny apartment, or simply don’t have the means to a gym, burpees are a great workout that doesn’t require anything but a living room floor and determination.
Next, you’ll discover two ways to do burpees, so read, and then try incorporating them into your workout!
sport-1685936_640The Classic Burpee
If you’ve never done a burpee before (or it’s been a while), practice the moves as though it’s two exercises in one. First, master a squat thrust and a squat jump. Then, master the push-up. Once you have some practice with those (and they are under control), put them together, like this:
• Start off standing, and squat while placing your palms on the ground in front of you.
• Jump back into a plank position, and do a push-up. (If you aren’t strong enough to do a traditional push-up, you can modify it by placing your knees on the floor and pushing up from this position.)
• Jump back into a squat thrust, jump up, and repeat.
Bosu Ball Burpees
Bosu ball burpees are a bit more challenging than the standard, ‘classic’ burpee. But, they are an excellent way to continue seeing progress by revving your heart rate up, burning calories and keeping the fat down. All you need is a Bosu ball, and some determination to keep your form correct, and hold the position as long as you can! Here’s how to do it correctly:
• Place the Bosu ball (flat side down, with the rounded side down) in front of you.
• Squat down and hold onto the Bosu ball handles. Then jump back into a plank position, holding onto the handles.
• Slow and controlled, do a push-up.
• Then, jump back into a squat position, stand up, and jump.
• Repeat 11 more times, with two more additional rounds of 12 Bosu burpees each.
If burpees were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing them? While they may feel challenging, you’ll notice that quickly you will adapt to the strength and endurance needed to finish round after round (which will make you a pro in no time at all) – and with an amazing body to show for it!