Humans are creatures of habit. As such, we tend to do the same types every single day, but should you really do that? Research indicates that you should alternate various types of exercises to get the biggest benefits. Skipping some types of exercises can lead to imbalances in your body.

What Types of Workouts Should You Do?

Exercise trainers indicate that you should include four different types of workouts in your exercise routine in order to reach your fitness goals. Within these broad categories that are many sub-types, yet everyone should try to do workouts that encompass all of the following:
Cardio training, which consists mainly of aerobic exercises that will increase your heart rate
Weight or resistance training to strengthen various groups of muscles
Flexibility training at the beginning and end of sessions to warm up and to cool down muscle groups
Yoga and Pilates to increase overall strength, stability and more

Alternating Exercises Relieves Boredom

For many people, the key to a successful exercise program is doing different things every day. After all, variety is the spice of life. However, no matter how good your routine is, it won’t benefit you if you are bored and stop doing it. Changing up your routine by not doing the same types of exercise daily will keep you interested in your workouts.

Working Out to Lose Weight

Aerobic exercise is essential to lose weight because it increases heart rate and helps you expend extra calories that you don’t need. Also known as cardio exercise, this type of workout has many benefits that include:
Lowering blood pressure
Increasing circulation
Lowering risk of diabetes

Aerobic exercise involves running, swimming, cycling and anything else that increases your heart rate. You don’t necessarily have to do it in a class setting. Examples of aerobic exercise include running, asking, dancing, cycling and any other activity that raises your heart rate.

Why You Need Weight Training

Weight training provides several benefits. In addition to increasing muscle strength, making yourself stronger through resistance or weight training will increase your capacity to endure aerobic exercise, which, in turn, will lead to greater weight loss.

Flexibility, Yoga and Pilates

These three categories are the ideal addenda to any exercise regimen because they round out what the body needs to maintain maximum fitness. The regimens promote musculoskeletal health in addition to flexibility, all of which results in a greater range of motion. These forms of exercise are also good for the mind-body connection, which can improve mental health.

Alternating approximately three days of aerobic exercise along with two days of strength training and two additional days of flexibility, yoga and strength will provide you with a well-rounded fitness regimen that will make you stronger as well as improve overall health.