Weight lossIt’s frustrating to put so much effort into losing weight, and see less than impressive results. If you run every morning, lift weights and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains, you should lose weight, right? Not so fast, because as you develop healthy habits, there are many weight loss pitfalls you can fall into. Knowledge is power, and when you steer clear of the ones on our list, you’ll slim down and tone up by the day!

You Aren’t Filling Up With Fiber in the Morning

If there’s any type of food that should be acquainted with weight loss, it’s fiber. Fiber rich foods will allow you to get fuller faster than any other type of food. The problem is, many people try to ditch the breakfast altogether, by thinking they can fuel up on coffee and juice. Fill up with fiber rich foods (which will prevent you from gorging on a huge, carb heavy lunch later on.)

Here’s some ideas to kick start your morning with deliciousness:

  • Whole grain toast with slices of tomato, avocado, salt and pepper.
  • A cup of chia pudding, topped with sliced strawberries.
  • Breakfast tacos (add some black beans to the egg mixture for extra fiber).

Weight lossYour Meals are Big, and You’re Not Eating Frequently Enough

Keep in mind that the longer you have to work it off, the more you should eat. This doesn’t mean eat anything (after all, you’re on a quest to lose weight) but it does mean that breakfast should be the heaviest (calorie wise) meal of your day. Lunch should be lighter (a hearty salad with grilled salmon, shrimp or chicken) but packed with protein, and dinner should be light, and packed with protein as well. Eat a few snacks in between these meals, because that’s what will allow your metabolism to continue revving as high as possible.

You’re Not Being Held Accountable by Anyone

Let someone know you’re on a mission to lose weight, and feel downright amazing. This could be a spouse, your mother, sister, or even your friends on Facebook. Make sure whoever is holding you accountable, that it’s a positive, supportive presence in your life. The whole point of being held accountable is having support—you want it to be the encouraging kind. So, if you’re not losing weight like you should be, take a look around. Who’s supporting you, cheering you on, and putting just a little bit of pressure on you to stick to your guns, skip the dessert and commit to your daily workout?

While there are many variables when it comes to weight loss, nail these three—eat fiber rich foods, eat correctly portioned meals throughout the day and be held accountable for your actions—and you’ll bypass the yo-yo weight loss plan. Hang in there. Weight loss is a journey, and you’ll soon reach your first milestone!