Incremental goals, which are smaller and more frequent goals, along the way to achieving your weight loss or ultimate fitness goals, are the most important method for success. Read to find out why, and how to set up a goal list, plan and method for your own path to excellent health.

The Benefits of Incremental Goals
Also known as mini-goals, weekly goals or micro-goals, incremental goals are a fantastic way to keep your progress with losing weight, gaining muscle or simply eating well in place. After all, how can you progress—and reach your ultimate goal of a fifty-pound weight loss, or a ten-pound muscle mass, if you can’t stay motivated along the way? The more you accomplish along the way, the more inspired you will become to continue progressing week after week!  Incremental goals can also provide the following:

•    It can allow you to improve your energy.  The more effort you put into a workout, the more mental and physical energy (and determined gusto!) you’ll have to make your next workout. Don’t worry about how long it will take you to transform your health, or your physique. Focus on today’s goals, and give it all you have.

•    It can cause you to raise your confidence, and feel like a true powerhouse in the gym. What do you think will motivate you more to continue reaching for your fitness goals: to accomplish a five mile run today, or to focus on how long it’s going to take for you to bulk up like the Hulk?

sporty happy woman with scale, weight lossYou need a visual to maintain success, and the more mini, short term goals you can strive for and accomplish now, the more ammunition you’ll have to persevere through the challenging times.

•    It can cause you to feel encouraged, instead of discouraged. The problem with only setting up a long term goal (such as losing thirty pounds) is that you won’t lose it overnight. You’ll lose (on average) 2-3 pounds per week, if you’re doing it in a healthy and consistent manner.

But, by creating several weekly goals that are realistically achievable (such as preparing your meals ahead of time, going to the gym twice this week, etc.) you can literally accomplish your goals right now, which will boost your confidence, ambition and self-assurance!

Come up with a list of your long term goals, and for each one, break it down into actionable and realistic short term goals you can meet each week.  No matter how determined you are today, remember— the key is staying motivated day after day— and incremental goals are the key to your success.