When it comes to exercise, there are ways to do it better. One key way to improve performance and reduce injury is to learn and observe correct form. Need more motivation to get the right form? Read on to learn about the benefits.

Proper form helps you avoid injury
Acute and overuse injuries are more likely to occur with poor form. Poor form leads to misalignment and overcompensation during exercise, which can result in undue stress on muscles, tendons and joints. Sidelining injuries are a superhighway to the couch. Stay on the exercise path by choosing correct movements. Observing proper form makes it easier to honor your exercise commitment.

Proper form helps you use energy wisely
Work smarter, not harder when you move muscles the right way. Poor form requires that you use more energy and movement to complete the same motion than would be necessary using proper form.

Target intended muscles
Improve outcomes with better focus on intended muscles. Part of developing a successful exercise regimen is identifying goals. Learning proper form supports your intention by ensuring the muscles you are working on actually benefit from your work. You can only do this with proper form. If you have been exercising consistently, but haven’t realized gains it may be worth your while to review your form.

Power your workout with proper form
Better form improves breathing for more workout power. How you breathe during a workout can impact your performance. Check your body periodically during exercise to be sure you are holding form and using the in and out breath appropriately.

Mastering form
Work with a certified trainer to learn the correct form for your sport. Practice until the form comes naturally. For best fitness outcomes, you’ll need to maintain form even with weight and fatigue. Learning form before you increase your workload will make it easier to maintain under stress.

Form isn’t just about looking good under pressure. Proper form helps you avoid injury and improve performance. You’ll also reach your goals more easily. Proper form helps you work smarter, not harder and hone your focus on intended muscles. Making a commitment to fitness means observing the big details as well as small things like form for better success. Learn the right way before you add weight or intensity.