Walking the dogHas your significant other, boss or best friend subtly suggested you could use a mood makeover lately? Ouch. Do you have a case of the ‘bah humbugs’ instead of feeling like you want to spread some holiday cheer? Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Simply boost your weekly (or daily) exercise by getting creative and you’ll feel the joy, spread the cheer and look amazing! Here’s how to do it all month long.

Why Exercise is an Instant Mood Changer

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you participate in, or how intense your activity is. Studies show that moving even at a moderate pace kicks in a chemical located in your brain known as endorphins. They are responsible for boosting our mood, and give us the adrenaline to achieve our fitness goals.

Pick one, any one: walk in the park, run on the track, ‘spin,’ swim laps, dance to your favorite 80’s playlist, or take a yoga class.  There’s no ‘right or wrong’ exercise, here. Any type of movement will release endorphins and become an instant mood transformer. Get in the habit of weekly exercise, and you’ll be able to continue that euphoric, happy feeling throughout the entire day.

Give Some Love to Your Pooch

In your dog’s world, a daily walk is his ‘recess time.’ So, why not make his daily walk an extra-long one?  After all, there’s no better way to improve your mood and energy than with man’s best friend! So, kick your walk into high gear by alternating a brisk walk with jogging and sprints (and wear your dog out in the process!)

Show up, Sit Up and Flex

Your cubicle does not have to be that place to work overtime and gain weight. Use it to your advantage, instead! Office exercise is all the rage, and is an easy and convenient way to flex your glutes, and bicep curl your way to excellent health.

Brush Your Teeth and Squat

Have you gotten your daily squats in today? If not, no problem! Getting exercise in often involves having a creative mind. You don’t have to go the gym to get your daily squats in. Instead, squat while brushing your teeth instead! Just think about what type of multi-tasking can do for your fitness—twice a day get in the habit of squatting while brushing, and you’ve have a stronger core, a svelte backside and self-confidence that’s on the rise!

When it comes to your health, nothing is more important than how you feel. When you feel good (and nothing can improve that as quickly as exercise), the world is your oyster. The day ahead is full of possibilities. And, your health and happiness can be as prosperous as you wish it to be.