According to a renowned sports medicine specialist based in New York, Robert Gotlin, exercise is essential in boosting mood and energy. Once the mood and energy are boosted, individuals have tremendous improvement in their overall health and well-being.

Release of Natural Hormones

Exercises cause an increase in the release of natural hormones in the body called endorphin. These hormones are essential in our bodies once released as they enhance how one’s body performs and move, as stated by Dr. Gotlin. The release of endorphin makes one experience a runner’s high, which is a feeling of euphoria.

Cardiovascular Health

As Mr. Gotlin states, a person who exercises has better heart health as they experience a significant boost in cardiovascular health. Having excellent cardiovascular health allows one to remain energetic throughout the day. A minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic activity for five days weekly, either moderate or intense, improves cardiovascular health. Whereas doing a minimum of 40 minutes of aerobic exercises from moderate to vigorous for at least four days a week lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Quality Night Sleep

Having a quality night’s sleep leads to feeling refreshed throughout the day. Dr. Gotlin insists on exercises being the best remedy to enabling one to have a quality sleep. Engaging in moderate to intense physical activities for at least 150 minutes weekly leads to an elevation in mood and a significant reduction in the severity of insomnia symptoms.

Lower Depression Incidences

Exercising has a strong positive impact on the well-being of an individual as it lowers depression incidences. While doing workouts, there is the release of neurotransmitters and neurotrophic factors, which play a significant role in improving brain function and reducing symptoms of depression. 

The social aspect of exercising, like catching up with other people at the gym, is a remedy to isolation and hence helps in boosting mood. When one interacts with other people during physical activity, there is no feeling of isolation; therefore, this leads to a boost in mental health and well-being. 


Doing workouts, whether moderate or intense, has proved to be beneficial to the well-being of people. Individuals who routinely engage in physical activities have improved mental health compared to their counterparts. Any form of exercise, such as running, cycling, sports, or gym exercises, improves mental health. According to Gotlin, doing exercises that you enjoy most works miracles in achieving your aerobic goals. He further says that maintaining a healthy diet by cutting out on items such as sweets and increasing protein intake helps build muscles, hence enhancing the workout experience.