Especially with fitness the old adage, two heads are better than one, holds true. No matter your fitness level, working with a personal trainer offers several benefits that help turn your training plan into measurable progress. Probably the biggest deterrents for many of us considering a personal trainer are cost and fitness level. It should be helpful to know that regardless of your budget, and even if you have always been a couch potato, there is a trainer that is just right for you.

Still not sure a personal trainer is a smart fitness move? Consider these 4 benefits of working with a personal trainer.

Clarify your commitment

Working with a personal trainer really forces you to think about what you want to accomplish, and why. After all, you aren’t going to go to the trouble of hiring a trainer and scheduling sessions just to have a vague idea of what you might be training to accomplish. You are going to show up and give your best because your purpose paired with a good trainer will demand your best. It also won’t hurt having such an up close witness to your fitness. Most of us are more accountable when we know someone is watching.

Stoke your motivation

It is important to understand the “why” of your fitness plan. When you do, you can more easily share it with a potential trainer. As you share, decide if he or she has the attitude and training approach most appropriate for you. It is the trainer’s job to know when to push you hard, when to push you really hard and when to back off. You will do your best work with a trainer who understands why you are motivated and how to motivate you.

Reduce injury

Proper form is critical for any safe and successful fitness regimen. Although reading about form can be helpful, having an experienced trainer on hand to help with alignment, form and positioning is invaluable. Working with a personal trainer can help you reduce fitness related injuries because you will benefit from targeted feedback based on your individual fitness level and body type.

Maximize results

Personal trainers have a good understanding of the mechanics of fitness. Working together you can maximize results with the expertise the trainer brings to tasks like exercise sequencing and appropriate muscle grouping.

Working with a personal trainer isn’t only for elite athletes. In fact, working with a trainer is for anyone interested in using the expertise and motivation they provide to maximize fitness outcomes. Are you ready to stop talking about finally getting in shape or improving your PR? A personal trainer can help.