With so much information about fat burning available, how do you know what is correct and what is misinformation? Take it from the pros—the ‘getting-in-shape-and-we-know-what-we’re-talking-about-pro’s-at-Fitness-19, because we’re passionate about getting ripped, getting beautiful and making healthy mandatory. Cardio is best for fat burning, but keep reading before you go crazy with it (like completely ignore a weight lifting regime.)

Woman working out at the gymAccording to a study done by the Journal of Applied Physiology, losing weight and burning fat is best done by focusing on an aerobic workout routine. However, that’s compared to a weight lifting focused workout routine (where lifting weights is the dominant form of exercise.) The study followed a group of overweight people ranging in age that performed multiple 45 minute cardio sessions (by choosing either the elliptical or the treadmill.) Another group didn’t do cardio but instead focused on muscle building. The results showed that the group that focused on cardio lost a significant amount of weight, while the other group didn’t. Meaning? If you want to lose weight, focus on cardio. But, if you want to lose a few pounds while building muscle mass, add a few weight lifting sessions to your workout routine.

Cardio Facts You Need to Know

If you aren’t crazy about cardio, take your old boring run and turn it into something new again! For example, a 40 minute run can burn up to 800 calories, but so can a Zumba class! Try out a high intensity cardio workout and keep the motivation going…by keeping the fun at an all-time high. Do you want to reduce belly and/or thigh fat? Ride the stationary bike (or even better yet, take a spin class) for 30 minutes. When it comes to cardio, you’re choices are endless.

Why Weights Matter

Handsome young man resting after workout in gymDid you know that for every one pound of muscle you gain, you burn an extra 50 calories a day? Are you obese, and need to lose a significant amount of weight for your overall health and vitality? Or, are you happy with your size, but need to increase your energy, or want to have better sleep, overall strength or mood stabilization? Weight lifting is important, so don’t pay attention to anyone you see in the gym that’s running their heart out for hours at the gym and never touching a free weight. Weights matter because it increases your ability to keep excess weight off, minimizes bone density loss, and acts as the best stress reliever around!

When it comes to your waistline, overall mental health and preventative physical health, tag team your way to the healthiest body possible with weight lifting and cardio. Need to burn fat fast? Concentrate on cardio. It’s your winning solution for a body that won’t quit.