There are three common body types. These are endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. If you’re like most you are less concerned with your body type than with your body appeal. Let’s face it. We all want to look and feel our best. Not to worry. Regardless of your body type it is possible to feel confident about how you look in your bathing suit or favorite pair of jeans. Use the tips below to get your body type in the best shape it can be.


This body type is curvy. Endomorphs generally have more body fat and a lower metabolism. Don’t worry; it isn’t as bad as it sounds. To achieve your ideal weight, emphasize cardio exercise. Go for vigorous or at least moderate activity three or four times each week. Be sure to include weight training at least twice each week. Not only will this routine help you lose fat it will also help you avoid gaining too much muscle mass. You can keep your heart rate up, and thus the calories you burn, by keeping breaks between reps at a minimum. Ideally, the break should not be more than 60 seconds. Also, to keep your metabolism fired up ditch the common three meals a day plan in favor of six small, nutritious meals. Finally, weight training is an integral part of a successful fitness program for endomorphs. Build muscle and boost metabolism with moderate weights – not too heavy – and more reps.


This body type is muscular.  Mesomorphs are made for weight training and adapt to the regime without difficulty. Because of this it can be easy to over train so take care not to overdo it.  Mesomorphs build muscle almost effortlessly; unfortunately they can also gain weight without much effort as well. When weight training take care to use moderate weights with low reps and take minimal rest breaks. Compound exercises, such as squats and deadlifts (a type of powerlift that engages your glutes, quads and lower back) are great for mesomorphs.





This body type is thin. Ectomorphs generally have lower body fat and higher metabolism. They usually have a hard time building muscle. Combat this challenge by emphasizing weights over reps. Lifting heavier weights engages the muscle more deeply and helps you get that “cut” look or definition you want. Change up your weight training regimen regularly to create muscle confusion. Muscle confusion, a term popularized with the PX90 exercise system,  just means you are using variety in your training to prevent adaptation (which can reduce the challenge threshold of exercise) and encourage muscle development. Cardio is important for ectomorphs because heart health is important for every body type. But avoid vigorous aerobic exercise if you are trying to gain weight.

Not sure where you fit? A good gauge might be to think about the kind of body you had in high school. For the most accurate picture rely on pictures rather than memory. Many people have combination body types so you may need to adapt your weight training program to fit your individual body type and fitness goals.