Beautiful wedding coupleYou met. You fell in love. He proposed, and pretty soon you’ll be saying “I do.” Now, one of the most exciting moments of the wedding process…getting in shape, looking amazing and feeling sexier than you’ve ever felt before! And with the start of the new year, Spring – and therefore, High Wedding Season – will very soon be upon us.

Your ‘big day’ is all about creating a once in a lifetime moment. From the perfect floral centerpiece to your perfect wedding gown, you want to feel, look and radiate your very best. Here are exercises to help you do just that.

The Side Arm Plank

Sexy arms equal sexy attitude, plain and simple. For this exercise (which you’ll want to implement a few times a week for the fastest results), start off in a sitting positon, and with your legs (one under the other) to the side. Lean to the right, and extend your left arm so it reaches over to your right—with your left palm firmly planted on the ground. Slowly raise your body down (as though you’re doing a push-up from the side), and slowly come back up. Repeat on the opposite side, and do as many as you can.

Wedding DressTarget Your Exercise Plan to be ‘Bride Gown Specific’

Your goal: working out not just for any occasion, but THE occasion of your lifetime. It’s your wedding, which means you’ll most likely be showing off your arms, shoulder, neck and upper back. So, looking your best on your wedding day is about focusing on those areas of your body—that way, you’ll be the most confident bride you can be. Whether you’re going strapless or backless, strength training your upper body is the way to go!

Thumbs Up, Figure Eight!

Sometimes the workouts that look the easiest are often the most challenging. Case in point? This thumbs up, figure eight workout. But no matter how deceptively challenging this one may be, just think about this: less jiggle while you throw your bouquet. Tighter and toned upper arms that you’ve been dying for—and now with your upcoming wedding, you have a great reason to turn up the commitment!

Start by standing up with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your arms out to the side, and stick your thumbs out so they are pointing to the sky. Now, move your arms to make a ‘figure 8.’ Continue that motion for thirty seconds. Trust me—you’ll feel the burn almost immediately. Every ‘thumbs up, figure eight’ session you do, add some time to it. Go a minute if you can, and practice this exercise a few times a week. Soon you’ll be jiggle free, which will give you a care free body and mind on your big day!