Scrambled eggsHas the daily grind at the office given you a case of the perpetual Mondays…every day of the week? Do you cure your restlessness or boredom at work by heading to the vending machine and treating yourself to chocolate candy or microwave popcorn? While those high calorie tasty treats may feel great going down, they’ll make you feel awful afterwards – and with a major sugar crash to deal with. Food does in fact affect your mood, so listen up and read on. We’ve got all the nutritional 411 to put you on the fast track to healthy eating and happy living!

Eat Well and Fuel Up

Food is energy. Energy is what gets you from place to place. So, how far is that Big Mac taking you? Is that candy bar giving you the extra brain power to be on your toes during that Monday morning meeting, or presentation with the CEO? In other words, when you eat processed, high sodium and high fat foods that are low in nutritional value, you run like a car on empty. You don’t have the protein, food fats, and even carbs to get you from point A to B and back again. In fact, that could be the very reason you’re too exhausted for a much needed workout at the end of your day. You’re running on empty, similar to a car that doesn’t have a sufficient amount of gas in its tank.

The Right Fuel For Your Tank

Depending on your lifestyle and how you work best, six small meals a day can work wonders for a healthy diet and energy that lasts. As a rule of thumb, make sure to incorporate protein with every meal. This will ensure that you nourish every cell in your body (from your nails to your muscles). Support your body (and fight off depression and fatigue) by scrambling some eggs for breakfast, and having some yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack. Balance out your meals with plenty of fruits and veggies, and don’t go longer than 3 hours without eating. That’s the right fuel for your body – fuel that allows you to stabilize your mood, energy level and productivity all day long!

Food affects your mood, so it’s up to you. Respect your body, and live a happy and healthy life by eating foods that support a happy and healthy body!