Time passes, and life moves on. Your daily grind at times seem too busy to fit in those workouts you once were so fiercely devoted to. But is the mountain size pile of paperwork each day, working overtime (again) and watching your favorite ABC network reality show worth the pounds that slowly creep up and pack on to your hips, back and thighs?

Of course not.

And more than ever, studies show that when you exercise regularly (at least three times a week at thirty minutes each) you won’t have to worry about the extra weight that comes with age. Your weight can stay consistent from now until your golden years.

It’s in the Research

You already know that exercise and small but frequent portions of food, plenty of water and annual physicals are all part of a healthy lifestyle – but you may not know how to keep it there. In a study that followed nearly 35,000 women (starting at age 54) and observed their level of activity for the following thirteen years, they discovered that these women were able to keep their weight consistent with time. That is, the women were that started with a normal range of body fat from the start.

The lesson to be learned is this: if you want to keep your weight under control – no matter what age or gender you may be now – get your body mass index (BMI) to a normal and healthy level. Then, commit to a daily dose of exercise for thirty minutes each week, and putting some variety into your intensity level along the way.

Say Goodbye to the Flab, Forever

Exercise gives you mental clarity and focus at work. It creates a boost in your energy level that keeps you going until dinner time. It releases that happy chemical in your brain that allows you to stay motivated, and joyful throughout your day. And now, when you exercise, you can maintain that weight that you worked so hard to lose – without the fear of it sneaking back into your life.

Take a brisk walk during your lunch hour, and then fuel up on protein. Dance to a few of your favorite Michael Jackson tunes while doing the laundry, or get to a spin class for a real heart pumping workout. Keep it moving, and keep it consistent, and you’ll never have to worry about increasing weight – now, or in your future.