Do you want to have beautiful long and lean legs? If so, you may be ignoring an important muscle group—your inner thighs! An inner thigh workout can allow you to strengthen your core and achieve a new level of fitness like never before. Keep reading to learn the benefits of an inner thigh workout, and how to incorporate this transformative leg workout into your current exercise routine.

Big Time Benefits of an Inner Thigh Workout

Your inner thighs, which are composed of five muscles, are attached to the pelvis. These muscles run down the center of your leg bone and contribute to core strength, injury prevention and posture. If you find you have a weak core, your inner thigh muscles may be to blame. Here’s why: your inner thighs are the foundation upon which your hips stand upon. So, no matter how strong your abs become, they won’t be able to do the job you want them to do if your inner thighs (or foundation) is weak. Incorporating an inner thigh workout can also contribute to stronger knees, making you less prone to injury. Toning your inner thighs will make your thighs look longer and leaner. So, with all these great benefits, why wouldn’t you start an inner thigh workout right away?

Your 12 Minute Inner Leg Workout

Everyone has 15 minutes to spend at the gym, which is why we’ve hunted down and found the perfect workout to target inner thigh strength. The best part of all? It will strengthen multiple muscle groups at once, raise your heart rate up enough to burn fat and keep that metabolism revved up all day long! Here’s the order, and set:
• Skater hops. Start off with some hops, and aim for 3 sets of 15. • Curtsy lunges. ‘Curtsy’ as low as you can. • Jumping jacks. How many can you do? Challenge yourself for 30 days by increasing your amount daily. Start on day 1 with 3 sets of 30, and increase by 5 to 10 with each day that passes. • Goblet squats. Shoot for 3 sets of 12, then move right on to wall sits! • Wall sits. Aim for 30-45 seconds at first, then gradually go up by 20 second intervals. • Scissors. Sit-ups are a greater challenge when you’re moving your feet up and down. You’ll feel the burn right away, but it’ll be worth every second. • Curtsy kicks. Curtsy and kick your heart out! End strong with this exercise by doing as many as possible (shoot for 50 and really see the results quickly!)

Start off at a pace and amount of repetitions that work for you. Don’t go too easy on yourself or you won’t see progress, don’t go too hard or you’ll be likely to give up before you see the results you want. Aim for ‘just right exercising’ which means it’s challenging enough, and you have goals of increased weight and repetition to work into your routine as the weeks go on. On top of that, you’re progressing—after all, is there anything better than seeing your body change, tighten and altogether transform into a toned machine?