If you want to feel stronger than ever (even if you haven’t worked out in years!) push-ups are the way to go! Not only are they convenient (do them anywhere), but all you need is the motivation to push through (no expensive equipment needed.) Keep reading so you’ll bypass the typical mistakes, and what to do in order to reach your fittest, in the least amount of time possible!
The Benefits of Push-Ups
Push-ups are part of nearly every boot camp, resistance training class or personal training package—and there’s a good reason why. It’s one of the best upper body workouts you can get! If the thought of doing push-up after push-up takes you back to the days of P.E. class in high school (as you grunted and groaned through them!) here are five reasons why you should get excited at what it will do to your body:
• It’s a cardio and strength training workout in one. It may not be the same as running or rowing, but push-ups are a fantastic way to get your heart rate going to start shedding the weight. On top of that, it will work to sculpt your upper body, such as your shoulders, biceps and back.
• It’s your starting point for a strong core. Start each workout with a set of 12-15 push-ups, and you’ll strengthen your core, as well as improve your stamina for powering through the rest of your workout.
• It’ll improve your stability. Who knew that a push-up workout a few times a week could actually allow you to become more stabilized and increase your balance? Doing push-ups will help to train your body to keep the microscopic nerves in your body balanced—enabling you to have more stability than ever before!
photodune-6848206-young-happy-fit-woman-doing-pushups-at-gym-xsDon’t Be a Victim to These Push-Up Problems
Given all the benefits a push-up workout can offer you—and the energy it takes to plow through it—wouldn’t it make sense to maximize your results? Here are the most common push-up mistakes, and what you can do to correct them, asap:
• You’re rushing through your set. To make each second with your push-ups count, make the quality—not quantity—your focus. Don’t rush through them but instead take your time with controlled movement.
• Your stomach isn’t pulled in. One of the biggest push-up mistakes is an arched back, as opposed to a belly and pelvis pulled in. Make sure your hips are in alignment with the rest of your body—so your body makes a straight (not curved!) line.
• Your hands are placed in the wrong position. Your hands should be parallel to your shoulder, and closer to your body (as opposed to a wider stance which studies show, doesn’t provide powerful results like a wider stance does.)
Now you know how to master the perfect push-up. It’s a challenging workout that results in a big payoff!