Let’s face it: it’s much easier to begin getting into shape than it is to continue working out week after week. Whether you’re already knee-deep in a workout program or you’re just beginning one after years away from an exercise routine, motivation is key. Here are some of the best, most popular and trending fitness gurus to follow. They’ll inspire you every step of the way!

Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson may be the most famous celebrity trainer, but she’s as much of an inspiration to millions, as she is a workout queen that walks and talks fitness. Her revolutionary workout plan of ‘signature moves, simple recipes and motivational stories’ allow women to live their healthiest life, and most confident self.

Kayla Itsines
This workout queen is from Australia, but has devoted fans all over the world inspiring them to live their healthiest life yet. Only have 30 minutes to devote to a full-body workout? She’s right up your alley. Her 28-minute workouts are ideal for those who have a gym membership, or need to work out from their living room.

Gunnar Peterson
Gunnar Peterson is another personal trainer for the stars, because of the many celebrity bodies he’s helped to radically transform (Sophia Vergara and the Kardashians are just a few on his client list). He’s motto: total health. “It starts from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to bed. Make healthy choices, sleep is essential, and sweat with total body workouts as often as you can.”

It’s time to get physical, and move, lift, shake, and row your way to a healthy and fit body.  Here are some body-positive quotes to reflect upon (and repeat) while you’re sweating your way to a whole new body, and a whole new you (taken from the gurus, themselves!):

  • “There is no quick easy way to the body you want… commit yourself now to your workout and get started.”—Tracy Anderson
  •  “Don’t show up late. Don’t try to slide out early. Don’t cheat your rep counts. Leave it all at the gym!” –Gunnar Peterson
  • “Your body achieves only what your mind can achieve.” –Lindsay Vastola, owner of Body Project Fitness and Lifestyle

“If you never change, you’ll never change.” –Rick Richey, certified personal trainer and owner of R2Fitness.
Inspired yet? Ready to dive in and get fit in some new and creative ways? It takes one lift, one jump, one workout class and you’re on your way to a whole new way of thinking—and a whole new level of health.