Why a Traditional Workout Regimen is Best For Your Long Term Health

Over the years, there have been endless get-thin-quick workout plans and products (remember the shake weight or vibrating platforms)? But, when it comes down to it, no exercise plan is more effective than a traditional one. That’s because getting fit is about strengthening, flexing and improving the state of every muscle in your body—and when it comes to your body, progress can’t be pushed into a ‘record time’ scenario.

In order to achieve each and every one of your fitness and/or weight related health goals this year, stick to a traditional workout that truly works! Here’s some benefits to doing it well.

Why Traditional Weight Workouts…Work

Weights of a gym diffrent sizes and weightsWhen it comes to your long term health (and especially for those who exercise and are over 40), challenges can come with trending (versus traditional) workout plans. For example, boot camp classes are really popular—after all, this high intensity workout plan which is full of squats, lunges and sprints, which generate quick results—but they can pose a serious risk of injury.  Traditional and functional weight workouts are a great way to build muscle in a more controlled environment, and boost your metabolism without the increased challenge of sore back muscles or sprained ankles.

When you add traditional weight training to your weekly workout, you can enjoy the benefits of exercising one muscle at a time (so you can really target those biceps or killer quads that you want). You can more easily control the rate and speed of which you engage in motion, which can be really helpful for faster muscle building, or to care for a recent injury. Do you want to bulk up? Traditional strength training is a fantastic and easy way to give a particular muscle group your undivided attention—with results that can come quickly and powerfully!

Switch the Fad Workout Plan for the Real Thing

Man Lifting WeightsForget the fad workout plan, because traditional workouts—which include any type of exercise which is simple in action—will allow you to minimize risk of injury, fight fatigue (which happens more often with trendy, high intensity workout plans) and make your body stronger for real life movements (climbing stairs, lifting boxes, etc.) Do calf raises on your leg day, the shoulder press on your arm day, squats and core work on the other days. Jump rope, take a spin class, walk uphill or dance to get extra cardio in. Over time, add more weight or resistance as you go, and you’ll be stronger, fitter and healthier for the long term, as a result!