As much as we might like to believe so, no amount of wishing will make healthy, sustainable weight loss possible with the latest diet craze of the week. So what is the secret to weight loss? The secret is that there is no secret, no magic bullet or pill either. The key to successful weight loss without fad diets is moderation and movement. These tips will help you get started.

Hearty Chorizo Breakfast BurritoSay yes to protein for breakfast

Skipping breakfast does not add up to saved calories. But it may lead to added pounds. Eat breakfast every day and, no a donut does not count here. Go for healthy protein such as a whole wheat scramble wrap with cheese and salsa. Adding protein at breakfast supports lean muscle mass – muscle burns more fat than calories – helps you feel fuller longer and controls cravings throughout the day.

Add fruits and vegetables

Choices like apples, carrots and celery satisfy the craving for something crunchy without the calories. Be sure you keep these go to treat around. While you’re at it, plan your meals daily so you have what you need on hand and don’t get derailed by exhaustion or a packed schedule. Make your fruits and vegetables more interesting with hummus dip, chili flakes, and a squeeze of citrus or a dollop of Greek yogurt. 

Swap the saucer

Dinner plates have grown larger over the decades. And we’ve been piling them higher as they’ve gotten bigger. It shows. The average American is 26 pounds heavier today than in the 1950’s. Bring your plate and your portions back down to size. Don’t supersize and do understand portions. A serving of lean meat is about the size of a deck of cards. A serving of cheese is about the size of your pointer finger and a cup of yogurt is about the size of a fist.

Portion control road signPractice moderation

Enjoy your favorite snacks, just not right out of the bag. Dish out a single serving and store the rest. If the temptation to keeping dipping into the treat is too strong to resist, buy only one serving or keep it out of the house (or your desk drawer) altogether. Save the snack instead for a special occasion – as in I can savor a bite size snicker’s bar as a reward after my workout.


Practice high intensity interval training to blast off calories. Alternate periods of high intensity with low intensity exercise for more efficient cardio and muscle conditioning. You’ll also burn a load of calories – as many as 200 in just 20 minutes. When you go hard, calories go too.

The best way to lose weight isn’t with tricks. Don’t fall into the trap of impatience or demanding instant results. Take the time to create and commit to lifestyle investments that promote sustained weight loss and overall good health. Good health isn’t a fad and never goes out of style.