fitness progressAny goal you want in life can be accomplished. But do you want to take the easy road or the hard road to get there? A workout progress journal not only acts as a ‘map’ for achieving toned abs and a sexy physique—it gives you a confidence boost, and the momentum to stay motivated that you need. After all, how can you get to where you want to go, if you’re not focused on your progress along the way? Here’s why a workout journal is the most beneficial journal of all to have.

It’s the Best Motivator Around

When it comes to continually improving your body, there’s nothing quite like a visual reminder to keep you at the top of your game. When it comes to keeping the momentum going (a must for choosing to run five miles instead of watching re-runs on the couch), a workout progress journal can your ‘golden ticket’ for staying on track of each and every goal you have. When you write down every set, every workout, and every round of squat thrusts you do, you’re not only actively changing your body, but you’re increasing your drive to push yourself past all limitations.

Become a Detective

What are your weight loss pitfalls?  Many people experience the quick five pound weight loss, only to exercise their heart out without losing a pound more. When you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, it’s hard to fix it. That’s one of the best benefits of a workout progress journal. By tracking what you eat, when you work out and what exercises you do (crossing off each one as you go), you can easily recognize patterns and pitfalls—which in turn, makes fixing the problem a piece of cake!

Focus on Your FeelingsYoung woman talking to her fitness trainer

A workout progress journal isn’t just to record sets and reps. It can be a great tool for identifying and recording negative feelings, frustrations and letdowns that you experience from day to day. Are you frustrated you aren’t able to run farther than three miles? Write your feelings down. Did you feel fantastic after taking that spin class? Record your feelings of accomplishment, and you’ll be more inclined to take that class again. A workout progress journal allows you to focus on what you want to achieve in both body and mind so that you can reach your goals faster, and get the body you dream of in record time!