Does it feel like your gym has lately become a free for all? Time to rein things back in. Just a little courtesy goes a long way. Not sure what’s expected? These rules will make you a model citizen.

Offer a greeting

Say hello or at least offer a smile if someone is attending the desk when you walk in. Ditto for the person leading any classes you’re taking.

Arrive on time

Traffic can sometimes make it tough but, whenever possible, arrive a few minutes before class so you have time to get settled. Coming in after class has started can feel disruptive. Observe the culture in the minutes before class. Avoid loud conversations if the space is quiet and reflective.

Corral your gear

Bring only what you need to class or the equipment area. Water bottles should be kept near you. Bags and other extras should stay in the locker room or kept as close to you as possible to avoid posing a tripping hazard for fellow gym goers.

Wipe down equipment

Even if you don’t sweat, wipe down equipment to avoid the spread of germs. Wash your hands after your workout.

Be gentle

Place weights rather than drop them. Carelessly releasing the weights is unnecessarily noisy and could potentially cause harm to unsuspecting feet.

Sharing is caring

That’s another way of saying don’t hog the equipment. Observe posted maximum use times on cardio machines and allow others to work in between sets on weight machines.

Take a tech time out

If you must bring your smartphone inside use it only for media (music, videos, etc.). Headphones are never optional so keep your music to yourself. Likewise, gym time is not talk time. Send a quick text if your message is a must. Finally, taking videos or photos is an invasion of privacy and an absolute no.

Dress appropriately

Save your body bragging for the beach. There is no need to let it all hang out. Your performance will not be improved in any way.

Be neat

Return any props, weights or other equipment to its proper place. Fold blankets neatly (at yoga), pick up towels and use trash receptacles always.

Don’t hog the shower

Shower quickly so others can have a chance. Likewise, if you change in a bathroom stall for privacy, do so quickly so that those who need to use the toilet can do so.

Some people forget their manners along with the basics of common courtesy when they’re at the gym. Not you. You know that a little kindness and consideration go a long way toward making the gym more comfortable for everyone. Kudos to you!