Silhouette yoga poseTurns out that what was old is new again. Here are five fitness trends you might remember from the days of leg warmers and fanny packs. These blasts from the past are finding new fans in 2015. Give them a try to see why.

Body weight training

Many people want to be able to exercise without a lot of hassle. Body weight training offers the benefits of a great workout without the hassle or expense of equipment. You can get started anytime and anywhere. Some of the exercises you used to do in gym class can help you stay in shape today, too. Examples of body weight exercises include lunges, squats, push-ups, planks and pull-ups. Just add music for a fun and convenient tone up regimen.

Group training

Remember the boot camp craze? Well, it looks like the group workout is back and bigger than before. There’s good reason. Working out in a group can be more fun than working out alone. The camaraderie encourages you to show up and challenge yourself to do more than you might do on your own. Group training can also be a money saver if you want the benefits of a personal trainer without the costs.

Personal training

Increasingly, we are turning to the experts to help us devise individualized exercise programs for maximum benefits. We want to be sure we are getting this exercise thing right. This trend will continue into 2015 as more of us look for ways to improve physical health. We have seen the benefits personal training has offered celebrities and are looking to enjoy some of the same benefits in our own lives. If you are looking for a personal trainer your gym is a great place to start. Get the most out of this relationship by setting clear goals and communicating openly with your trainer.


Those of a certain age may remember the days of yoga and granola. It seemed everyone was into natural and healthy living. The trend has circled back with more attention on the importance of diet and exercise. More people are concerned not only about what they eat but where the food comes from. There is a growing awareness of the mind body connection and yoga is evidence of our embrace of said connection. Yoga is also part of the larger trend that is reemerging around caring for the environment and nurturing the body with attention to managing the mind.


High Intensity Interval Training has been an ongoing fitness trend. It will continue its upswing in 2015 because it offers a way to do more with less time. Brief periods of intense exercise are added at intervals during the workout. This approach boosts endurance and burns more calories than a regular workout. Try it by adding one minute of all out running to your regular jog at five minute intervals.

One of the biggest trends of 2015 is just a growing awareness of the importance of exercise. More people are getting off the couch and finding ways to add fitness into their routines. That’s important because diet and exercise are two of the best ways to support good health. Whether you try the latest and greatest fitness fad or something tried and true doesn’t really matter as much as your willingness to move more often.