You get to the gym, do your workout, and leave feeling great. However, is your regular fitness routine missing some of the most important muscles in your body? Just because you love the way things are looking—which is very important, and good—doesn’t mean you’re reaching all of your important muscles.

Working all your muscles is critical to alleviating soreness and improving overall fitness. When one muscle is lacking in strength, others have to make up for that; this is when muscles get strained and you end up with an injury. So, what muscles might you be missing? There are three that are commonly overlooked.


For both men and women, this is an easy muscle to forget. However, not only is your forearm one of the most visible parts of your body, but is also integral to having a strong grip when performing other arm workouts.  On arm day, write out how you will incorporate this muscle group into your routine. Some ideas:

–  Cable wrist curl


–  Barbell wrist curl


–  Reverse barbell curl


Gluteus Medius

The most well known muscles in this area are the gluteus maximus and gluteus minumus; unfortunately, the gluteus medius seems to miss out on some important attention because of its supporting role in your body.

However, its support is integral to your lower body movements. This muscle supports your pelvic area when the opposite leg is being lifted, for example. A lack of strength in this muscle, could lead to a pelvic strain or hip problems.

When this is weak, other parts of your body are certainly going to feel it. Avoid injury by including a few key workouts:

–  Side plank raises

–  Lunges

–  Cross-legged bridge


Transverse Abdominis

The abdomen is likely the most worked part of the body for men and women, both. However, traditional ab exercises target the outer muscles, and we miss the supporting ones that you may not necessarily see in your six-pack.

However, the transverse abdominis is critical, not only to your abdomen but your lower back, as well. This muscle stabilizes your pelvis and lower back before the body moves. As a runner, this area of the body is especially important. Because it plays such an important supporting role, consider how you’ll work it into your regular ab routine.

–  Plank

–  Lying torso lift

–  Transverse pull ins

By adding a few new moves into your normal routine you can make an impact on your overall strength. However, it’s important to remember that although these are the top three forgotten muscles, there may be others you personally neglect as well. If you don’t see yours on here, make sure you’re working on those, as well.