Stir-fry a snow peas shrimp dishDo you have a craving for fish, but deal with the occasional pangs of guilt for eating it? Have no fear, because we’re here to direct you towards the healthiest fish eating around. The trick is, choosing the right fish (loaded with those immune boosting omega-3’s) that will improve everything from your heart’s health to disease prevention. From shrimp to catfish, these fish picks will make diabetics, athletes and healthy eaters alike, rejoice!

Seconds, Please: Why You Score With Seafood

From the picky eater to those with a fancy palate and appetite for delicious food, seafood offers countless benefits. When cooked the right way, it’s a key player in a healthy, well rounded diet.  Want to do everything you can to fight your risk of cancer, diabetes and other disease? Have three servings of deep sea, cold water fish per week. Fatty fish such as salmon, herring, tuna and sardines are loaded with Omega 3’s, and are especially important for middle aged men and women, as well as women who are post-menopausal.


Do you remember Bubba, from the movie Forest Gump (otherwise known as the guy who spouted off a million ways to eat shrimp)? He illustrated just how versatile this seafood can really be! Sautéed shrimp, shrimp gumbo, boiled shrimp, shrimp kabobs….and the list goes on and on. Limit those ‘bad’ fats by avoiding fried shrimp, and instead stick to cooking methods that involve ‘healthy’ fats such as cooking, baking or sautéing them in olive oil. As a low-fat and low calorie seafood, make shrimp a staple in your diet!


Oysters are a great way to increase the seafood consumption in your diet. Flavorful and rich in those disease preventing, Omega 3 fats, it can be eaten as an appetizer or main entrée. Enjoy them raw or baked, and treat them as a weight loss food. Since they are full of protein, they’ll fill you up without feeling heavy afterwards.


Who couldn’t use a boost in brain health? One of the biggest benefits of catfish is the lift you get in cognitive function and heart health—both of which everyone could use more of weekly. Catfish is a perfect option, since it can be blackened, grilled or baked to perfection! Easy to cook and even easier to digest, make sure you choose fresh catfish from your seafood counter, to ensure it’s sold as an American product.  A tip: Imported catfish can contain cancer-causing chemicals, so keep it American, and you’ll reap the benefits of those Omega 3 fats, without an ounce of worry.

Many types of fish are considered a ‘superfood’, so eat up! From shrimp to oysters, the possibilities are endless: place it on a salad, in pasta or alongside a plate of veggies. Defend your body today and for the future with the right type of food. Fish is your friend, so enjoy every bit of it!