glass of green smoothieIt is nearly impossible to get through a day without meeting a green smoothie convert. Blender cups filled with thick green concoctions are everywhere. Enthusiasm is high. Thinking about accepting the green smoothie challenge yourself? Here are some tips.


Although many options for green smoothies are available at local markets, your best option is to do it yourself. Many prepared smoothies are loaded with sugar and lacking in meaningful nutrients. If you must buy a smoothie, read the label carefully. Some brands do not actually include the fruits and vegetables marketers lead you to assume are inside.

Start with the basics

Getting the benefits of the green smoothie means you have to actually get it down. For best taste, start with a recipe and measure your ingredients as you go. Simply dumping ingredients in a blender may mean you get bitter when you wanted sweet or worse, you get something that is torturous to drink. Who wants that? Imbibing your panacea shouldn’t be painful.

Consistency counts

There is a reason that the drink is called a green “smoothie.” No chewing should be required. Blend a few ingredients at a time for better consistency and mouth feel. You don’t want unpleasant chunks that stick in your teeth or straw.

Skip the ice

Instead add fresh frozen fruit to boost taste and nutrient content.

Shop in season

Buy local fruits and vegetables in season. Smoothies must stand on their own unlike meals prepared with spices and oils to impart flavor. Given that, you really want ingredients that are bursting with flavor.  It can also be helpful to learn the flavor profile of your ingredients so you will know what they will add to your smoothie. Taste before you add. One mango may be sweeter than another or the apple may not be sweet at all.

Hang in there

Most Americans do not get even half the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Green smoothies are a great way to up that intake. There is definitely value in that, so don’t give up. Learning to make smoothies does require a bit of trial and error, bit early missteps are largely avoided with recipes and the right equipment. Choose a blender or juicer that meets your needs. Read online reviews and feedback to learn how others are using the device you are considering.

Keeping eating

Green smoothies can be an important part of a healthy diet. They should not, however, stand alone for too long.  Experts generally advise against making smoothies your only source of nutrition for more than a couple of days. Include plenty of fresh, minimally processed foods and water in your regular diet. Add exercise for best results. That’s the stuff good health is made of.