When it comes to working out the right way for your body, one size does not fit all. Are you naturally thin, or do you gain weight easily in your midsection? Are you curvaceous or athletically prone? Discover your body type and the right workout for your metabolism, muscle tone and how to accentuate what you’ve got!


Just like the fruit, pear shaped bodies carry the majority of their weight below the waist. With a smaller upper body and waist, it may seem like a challenge to gain muscle tone on top and lose weight below. Practice a workout that focuses on lift off leg lunges (make sure to lift light weights to balance out your toning), pushups and leg raise (which is done using a medicine ball), and dip and knee raises. Make sure that you exercise at least three times a week, in order to burn excess fat.





Straight (Also Known as the Ruler Shape)

You’re straight shape never allows you to complain about love handles or too much weight in your backside, but you do have a hard time feeling like a voluptuous woman. Your body type is straight all the way down. Your strong but don’t always have the easiest time building muscle.  To create a curvier silhouette, make your workout core-based and try the following to strength your abdominal muscles while gaining some weight to your naturally thin frame: Standard and reverse crunches, shoulder presses, reverse lunges, and your favorite cardio session, as long as it’s three times a week, 20 minutes each.





Flaunt that strong body of yours! You may stare admiringly at Jessica Biel’s body, and if you have narrow hips, broad shoulders and are short in the waist, your body isn’t too different from hers.  You just need to fine tune your workout to fit this particular body type and you’ll have one to feel really great about! For the athletic body that is already naturally strong, focus on core strengthening exercises that will firm your midsection, and a set of exercises that will focus on your lower body. Start with alternating side lunges, squats, lift-off lunges, tip and row (holding a weight in each hand, bend one leg in back of you while leaning forward, then switch to other side) and pushups on the medicine ball.



If you have an apple body type, you carry the majority of your weight in your midsection.  You also have what so many other women don’t – a voluptuous frame that can fill out a bikini unlike any other.  If you want to tone and trim for this body type, focus on fat burning exercises. Excess abdominal weight can be dangerous, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s recommended to get 2 ½ hours of aerobic activity each week.  For maximum results, practice interval cardio for 45 minutes, three to five times a week to shed the fat along with the following:  push-ups, lunges, side planks, leg raises, and crunches. Change up your routine (and beat a weight plateau) by taking your favorite dance class twice a week. Try adding in a spin class or kickboxing to shake things up and keep your workouts interesting!