Young man running at winter in parkWhen it comes to staying warm during your winter workouts, the most important thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. Meaning, some days you’ll face the rain, while other days you’ll have to deal with wind and feels-like-freezing temperatures. In order to exercise during the winter months properly, you’ll need to dress for it. Keep reading to learn how to layer up, stay warm, and eliminate the risk for fatigue—no matter how cold it may be.

Layer Up

No matter how cool (or warm) the temperature outside may be, moisture wicking fabric is always a smart move. Put on a light sweatshirt over your shirt (if it’s really cold, layer a long sleeve tshirt underneath your short sleeve moisture wicking fabric) and a windbreaker or light weight jacket with pockets deep enough to hold your headphones, scarf, etc.

Don’t Forget to Cover Up Adequately

Woman fitness inspiration and motivation, runnerWhile layering your upper body is an essential part of a successful winter workout, it can be easy to neglect the needs of your lower body—but your lower body requires your attention, especially when you’re dealing with temperatures lower than 40 degrees. If you’re planning on running, purchase a pair of running tights or leggings to wear underneath your jogging pants. Layer up with moisture wicking socks, and workout in a pair of athletic shoes such as trail runners—they are perfect for wet, cold weather since they have minimal amount of mesh.

Protect Your Lips and Face

No matter what type of workout you’re doing this winter (running, boot camp drills, bike riding, etc.) keeping your head warm is a must! Invest in a hat or two—when the weather is particularly windy temperatures reach below 50 degrees, a hat or headband that covers your ears becomes your most necessarily winter workout accessory. But before you get ready to run, bike or hike outdoors, don’t forget to apply some skin protection to your face, neck and hands. Even if it’s cold, rainy or cloudy, those pesky UV rays can seep from behind the clouds. Apply sunscreen to exposed areas of your body such as the face, neck and chest—and don’t forget to protect your lips with some SPF lip balm.

When you focus on smart and safe winter workouts (by bundling up the right way!) you’ll maximize the energy and effort you’re outdoors in the cold weather. Cover up, layer up and don’t forget your sunscreen!