photodune-893114-ballet-dancer-xsHas it been a while since you’ve changed up your workout routine? Do you long to look as toned as Beyonce? Are you ready to skyrocket your confidence to a whole new level, and have the energy of a teenager? Dancing is the way, and a dance workout (modern dance steps set to energizing beats) is your pathway to a fit body from head to toe. Here are some of the hottest, most popular dance classes in America—which means that one of them is bound to be in your neck of the woods!

Ballet Boot Camp

Ever heard of the popular dance class, Barre? Think about changing your body in the quickest time possible—and while improving your coordination, balance and agility in the process! Barre isn’t for the weak (or the meek). In fact, it’s a hardcore workout for anyone who wants to slim down and get toned, lean limbs—no prior ballerina experience required!

Wear sticky socks, and harness your ‘inner ballerina’ by doing strength training moves from the barre.  Then, when you’re ready to take the ‘barre’ class to a whole new level, search for a ‘Ballet Boot Camp’ in your area. It’s a combination of barre, Zumba and pilates. Hello, rock hard core, and revved up metabolism!


Feeling the hustle and bustle of life, lately? The hustle class is all about funky moves set to funky beats. If you need a stress reliever, this one may be just for you! This popular class is offered at several of the big, chain gyms and works all of your major muscle groups—especially your core. Arch your back, shake your hips, dip, squat and lunge—but have so much fun doing it you won’t even realize you’re working out.

The Slumdog Millionaire Workout (Aka ‘Bollywood’)

The Indian version of Hollywood, known as ‘Bollywood’, is one of the hottest dance trends around. It started a few years back when belly dancing became a popular workout trend, but now the ‘Slumdog Millionaire Workout’ has hit a nationwide craze. Find it at your local dance studio and burn up to 800 calories in an hour long class! Sound good? This popular Bollywood inspired workout isn’t for the light hearted (although it’s a blast to do)—it’s high energy and high intensity. It’s a mix of Indian folk dancing, modern, jazz and hip hop that will send your workout to the next level.

Whether you use to be a professional dancer or simply dance in the privacy of your own home,  everyone’s workout could use a little shakeup from time to time. Choose a fun way to bring more fitness in your life, and you’ll rev your metabolism, burn fat and slim down—all while having the time of your life doing it!