Working out with a partner can be a fun way to challenge yourself, be accountable and just have more fun. Ready to up your workout game? A workout buddy may be just the boost you need.


Go harder

A little friendly competition helps you work harder. There’s even some research to back this up. When your workout buddy runs farther or lifts more, for example, you do too. After all, no one wants to look like a slacker. A buddy may just be your ticket to a new personal best.


Be accountable

You’re less likely to hit the snooze button or head home to crash on the couch if your partner is counting on you to show up for the sweat session. Somehow, breaking promises to someone else is harder. Worried about letting yourself down or not knocking out your newest fitness goals? A buddy can add in a layer of accountability that helps you stay the course.


Have fun

Between the competition, camaraderie and conversation, working out with a buddy makes exercise more fun. It may even be the new way to be social sans beer and high calorie foods. Stay connected and nail your goals when you use your time together to exercise. 


Celebrate together

Let your buddy cheer you on and help you celebrate as you meet fitness milestones. Doing it together reinforces positive bonding. Likewise, when you get discouraged your buddy who has been with you all along can offer encouragement with relevant perspective. 


Try something new

Your buddy may have interests that don’t mirror yours. That’s great! Working out with someone else can expose you to new workout trends. Having your partner on hand will help you feel less awkward as you learn to do something new.


Keep interest and motivation high

It is harder to fall into a fitness rut when you have a partner. Together you are trying new things, pushing yourselves to reach new fitness heights and having fun. The encouragement you offer each other is another plus. Ultimately, you are more likely to keep up with your exercise routine when it is rewarding, and buddy equals big time rewards.


Share recovery days

Rest days are important for every athlete, even the novice ones. You and your buddy can commiserate (or celebrate) on recovery days.


Looking for a way to boost motivation, accountability and fun with exercise? Get a workout partner and up your fitness game.