Man running on a treadmillThe spreadsheets, the emails that never stop coming in, the dinners you need to prepare and the deadlines that must get done—it never stops, does it? This time of year, everyone seems to be in the ‘same boat’—that is, the boat that feels like it’s sinking with so much to do to keep it afloat. Luckily, no matter how much you have to do, there is a solution. Take it out (and by ‘it’ we mean stress, pressure, anxiety and expectations) on the treadmill! Here’s three reasons why it’s a perfect year round stress reliever.

Running on the Treadmill Makes You Feel in Control Again

There’s a lot you don’t have control over—the weather, the state of the economy, your micro-managing boss. But, what you do have control over is the outlet in which you release your anger, frustration and stress. In other words, you have control over what you can’t control! Use a treadmill as your stress release; a creative outlet for you to literally ‘run away from’ the chaos that has been your day. Feeling angry about your boss calling you out and embarrassing you at today’s meeting? Run your heart out—you’ll feel better while strengthening your heart’s health!

The Faster You Run, the Happier You Become!

Are you addicted to a daily runner’s high but sometimes it’s just too blustery or wet to run outdoors? If running, walking or jogging is the thing that brings you more joy than anything else in this world—don’t let bad weather stop you from your high—or your happiness! Jog, sprint, run or even replicate the feeling of hiking up a mountain with your treadmill. Just adjust the incline and challenge yourself for hours at the gym. When you commit to running, you commit to a life of happiness, too!

It’s One of the Healthiest Stress Releases Around

Sometimes it’s raining. Sometimes it’s snowing. And, sometimes it’s so windy outside that it makes it impossible to keep your stride—outside, that is.

Give it up to the treadmill—not only is it one of the most convenient pieces of exercise equipment you can have on hand (during those days you just want to give up!) but it’s one of the easiest ways to unleash the fury of your day. Become healthy and happy in just minutes when you jog, run, walk or sprint your way to better peace of mind.