The Good Wife. Nashville. Two and a Half Men and Scandal—it’s what you look forward to after a hard day at the office or a busy day at home with the kids, but what is zoning out during your favorite prime time TV show doing to your once sculpted legs, abs or butt? Do you idolize Sophia Vergara’s tiny waistline while you nosh on a bowl of chocolate ice-cream during a Modern Family episode?  Here’s an idea—why not move some exercise equipment in, so you can work out while laughing it off? With these easy and practical ways to incorporate some fitness in your nightly TV marathon watching, you’ll increase your metabolism, gain flexibility and get toned!

Stretch During ‘Survivor’

Admit it—you love a good competition show like Survivor, but if all you’re doing is watching contestants compete while you make a dent in the couch, it’s time to up your game while you watch them win theirs. Gain flexibility while stretching as you watch Survivor (or any other show you love) and you’ll kill two birds with one stone! When you commit to a good stretch every time you turn on the TV, you won’t just gain flexibility, but you’ll also gain a better balance and coordination, and decrease your risk for injury.

Raise your Heart Rate During ‘Hart of Dixie’

If you’re a prime time TV junkie, it may be time to do one of the following: move your TV into your home gym, or move your cardio equipment (such as an elliptical machine or treadmill) into your living room. Make a rule for yourself: as soon as you hit the ‘on’ button to your remote, step onto your treadmill. Walk at a slow pace while the commercials are on, and as soon as ‘Hart of Dixie’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’ comes on, start running. Get your heart rate going, and by the time the show is over, you’ll have increased your metabolic rate and maximize the rest of your workout!

Pump it Up with ‘Parenthood’

No one’s family is void of the occasional drama, which is why ‘Parenthood’ is so addictive! But if ‘Scandal’, ‘Modern Family’ or ‘The Middle’ has you slouching on the sofa instead of lifting and lunging, it’s time to get moving! Do a couple sets of lunges by going from one end of your living room to the other and back again. Pump it up with some push-ups, followed by some bicep curls with your free weights. Give yourself a break during the commercials, and then get back at it when the show resumes.

Whether you’re a reality TV junkie, or just love a good show now and then, there’s nothing like feeling great about yourself by the time your favorite show has ended. Stretch and get your limbs feeling amazing; bring your TV to your elliptical, and end the night with a short but effective strength training session—while watching the judges of ‘The Voice’, of course! When you bring your workout to prime time TV, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your exercise session goes by!