Ah, Spring. It’s the time for blooming flowers, blue skies and spring cleaning. But, with the onset of warmer temperatures and happier looking skies, comes a renewed mind and a perkier outlook on the days ahead! If there’s a better time to set and plunge forward into new fitness goals than right now, we don’t know it. Here’s how to enter into the Spring season with a new outlook on health—and make those fitness goals of yours a reality.

Keep Your Friends Close (And Your Fitness Goals Closer!)

Young woman talking to her fitness trainerThere’s a saying that goes something like this: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” but we think it’s more fitting to keep your friends close, and your fitness goals closer.  When you don’t have a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish, it’s hard to take steps to reach your goal. What do you want to achieve? A rock hard six-pack? Enough endurance to finish off a 10k? To bring more fun in your workout with dance cardio classes? Make a plan for yourself that spans a week’s time. If your goal is to improve your endurance, then create a daily goal for boosting up your cardio. It’s up to you to make your goals happen. After all, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim on out to it.”

Thoughts, Action and Reality

You may have heard the quote, “All that we seem is but a dream within a dream,” but applied in simpler terms it means that you live in a world based off of what you imagine. If you’re always focusing on that body you have but can’t stand, that thinking becomes your reality. If you focus on the body you want and hold that image in your mind, you change your thoughts. And, when you change your thoughts, you can take steps towards achieving your goal—creating the world as you know it, to reflect your ‘dream’.

Goal Setting Made Easy

Reaching Goal: Strong man doing pull-ups on a bar in a gymYour dream body takes hard work, and we’re not saying it’s going to be easy. But (believe it or not) the hard part is having a clear idea of what you want and setting a goal to achieve it. Many people spend their whole life being fearful of getting the thing they want (or getting it and then losing it). Pick just one thing you want to achieve during the Spring season. It could be to lose five pounds, or to stop smoking. Make this one goal your mission.  Keep it close to you at all times and think about it constantly. Post an affirmation of it on your bedroom mirror (sticky notes come in handy, here) and end every day that you succeeded (not smoking, not ending your dinner with a rich dessert, etc.) by writing yourself a letter. Tell yourself every moment of temptation you resisted, and how it felt.

Focus on your feelings, not your defeat. Before you know it, you’ll have a handful of days to reflect accomplishment. That’s the true way to achieving what you want and the body you deserve!