You know the drill, and tell yourself so every day: You don’t have time to work out. You don’t have energy to work out. And perhaps your personal favorite excuse for not working out is that you don’t have the money to pay for a gym membership, so you can’t possibly work out!

Everyone has an excuse not to work out, so what’s yours?

You don’t have the time today, so you’ll do it tomorrow. You have a deadline that just won’t leave you alone. Your demanding toddler has taken all of the life out of you, with no energy left to take that Zumba class that your best friend can’t stop raving about!

You don’t like to sweat it out (despite the many pounds you’re desperate to lose!)

Working out is boring.  And, as much as you’d love to fit in a regular workout routine into your busy life, well, it’s just too busy for anything more.

So, where’s the self-love? Where’s the positive self-talk? And where is the notion that above caring for everyone else in your life, you care for yourself first, and foremost?

No matter what excuses you may have for not working out, we’ve got your solution. Here are the top biggest myths and misconceptions about a healthy fitness lifestyle, and what you can do about it!

Excuse #1:  Your Demanding Work Schedule Leaves No Time For Exercise

Whether you work outside or inside of the home, and whether you work part time or overtime, a workout should be as much a part of your regular work day as filing paperwork, sending emails, or even clocking in and out on your timesheet. The truth is, when you work out daily, you don’t just boost up those endorphins that make you happier.

A moderate amount of exercise (at least 30 minute intervals three times a week or more) can also boost your brain power. Work smarter, not harder through a short but efficient workout before heading to your job, and you’ll become a powerhouse of ambition and productivity!

Excuse #2: Working Out is Boring

Maybe you could have gotten away with this excuse ten years ago, but times have changed, and when it comes to working out, there is a fun, and functional fitness plan for everyone.  Do you love to dance, to bend like a tree, or to improve your core while bike riding at intense speeds?

From sports specific training programs with a personal trainer or wellness coach to dance aerobic classes that will get you burning up to 1,000 calories per class, the potential for you to burn the fat away and feel more amazing than ever is just an hour away. Bike ride, dance, and even stretch your way to a fun workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated, youthful and empowered – not to mention, fit!

Excuse #3: You Can’t Keep the Motivation to Work Out Going

When every January comes along, you’re fueled up and fired up to lose weight and get fit. But, by March, you’re back to your old ways – eating fast food on the couch, and going weeks without working out at all. Your life is busy, but when it comes to your health, well-being and happiness, what is more important – bad reality TV show re-runs, guilty chocolate indulgences and self-loathing, or a high quality, healthy and happy life?

Let each setback of your past be your motivation to push through this time. Forget that inner critic in you that says you can’t possibly lose that belly weight, or that you’ll never be able to fit into your skinny jeans again. Reject the idea that you can’t build up muscle or get toned by the end of the year. This is your year, and when it comes to your health and well-being, nothing is as powerful as one, single positive thought.

Making excuses for not working out is so…2012.  Make 2013 the year you devote to you, and as you do, give yourself an hour each day to stretching, moving and exercising to your heart’s content. Feel the burn as you enjoy the commitment you’ve made to help yourself and improve how you feel. When you set the bar for your new and improved body, you’ll never go back to feeling the wrath of excuse making again. This is your body, and the time is now to execute a higher and positive way of living, being and feeling!