Jump rope isn’t just for kids. In fact, when you crank up the intensity, it can be a portable, efficient way to raise your heart rate to turn your fat burner switch on, boost your energy, and tone up. A great cardiovascular and strength training workout, we’ve got the best approach to getting the body of your dreams—and then some!
If your gym only has a limited supply of jump ropes, it might be a good idea to invest in your own. That way, you never have to skip this important workout because someone grabbed the last rope before you did. Incorporate three jump roping workouts into your weekly exercise plan and melt the fat, faster than ever! But, before you start jumping away, it’s important to make sure your form is right. Here are some tips to reduce injury and maximize your progress:
• Stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground.
• Look straight ahead, with a straight posture.
• Jump so you’re clearing the rope (no high jumps required to do it effectively).
• Make sure your elbows are at an angle of 45 degrees.
• Turn your wrists in 2 inch circles when moving the rope.
A Workout to Fight Off Fat
rp_photodune-2460346-woman-jumping-rope-xs-165x230.jpgThe goal for this workout is to gradually increase the amount of jumps you do. So, if your goal today is 150 jumps, try to increase that next week to 300, and the following week to 500. For the first minute, practice a light bounce step, where you are jumping about an inch off the floor, and landing lightly on the balls of your feet. Next, speed up your workout so that you’re ‘running double time’, meaning that you are stepping down with one foot at a time, as opposed to both feet at once. Think of this as ‘running in place’ jump rope style!
Jump Rope Circuit Training
For a really challenging workout, incorporate both cardio and strength training in one, with the goal being 20 sets to completion. Try to move from jumping rope to each exercise without stopping. Here’s the order:
• Spend the first two minutes’ jump roping (one foot at a time during a quicker speed).
• Put the rope down and do 15 push-ups, followed by 30 sit-ups.
• For the next 50 seconds, do as many triceps dips as possible (a bench is the perfect set-up for this), and then rest for 10 seconds.
• Finish up your workout with three minutes of jump roping.
This workout is challenging, but it will also make you feel fantastically strong, focused and determined. Feel the burn, and SEE the results shortly after!