Fitness woman doing stretching exercise at gymYou may wonder why you should improve your shoulder mobility, or if it really matters in the grand scope of things. The fact is, as you age your flexibility will decrease and your risk of injury will increase. Your body will change, so why not help make it the healthiest and most flexible it can possibly be? Whether you want to ‘up’ your athleticism on the court, or you simply want to lose weight by taking a upper body strengthening class, improving your game is all about improving your shoulder mobility. Here’s three exercises that will help you achieve just that.

Standing Chest Opener

This exercise is a great one to start each morning with. When you make it part of your daily workout, you’ll improve your shoulder mobility in no time at all! Stand upright near a wall. Make sure that you’re standing with your back straight, knees facing forward ahead and your chest and chin pointed up and facing straight ahead as well. The wall should be to the side of you, and after taking a few deep breaths, place your right arm (with flat palm) against the wall. Roll your right shoulder back and then begin moving your arm back and forth—almost as though you’re performing a rocking motion. Repeat with the other side and soon you’ll have the flexibility of a teenager!

Sitting Triceps

This stretch feels amazing to your triceps! Make this part of your daily stretching/workout routine, and you’ll never want to stop. Sit down with your legs in front of you and your back straight. Raise your right arm and bend it behind you by taking your left arm to give your triceps a good, healthy (and much needed!) stretch. Repeat the same exercise on the other side.

Cow’s FaceMuscular Man Stretching

This exercise is simple to do, can be done from your home, the gym or even your office at work, and only takes a few minutes from start to finish. If you’re doing this from home, find a living room or bedroom floor to sit down on, and extend your feet straight out in front of you (shoulder width apart). Place your hands so that they interlock behind your back. Hold this position for one minute (making sure you can feel a stretch in your shoulders) and release. Repeat 2-3 times.