A weight loss boot camp is a great way to workout with a group. It’s essentially small group personal training, and you have the support of all the other members around you. You will see a wide variety of exercisers at a boot camp, each with different activity levels and fitness goals. There’s just something invigorating about working out in a group. Humans seem to have it in their nature to challenge themselves when they are surrounded by others doing the same activity.

If you decide to try out a weight loss boot camp, you need to set your expectations for what you are going to be asked to do during these fitness sessions. The term “boot camp” brings to mind a military environment, as well it should. Just as the military trains their soldiers with a lot of running and body weight exercises, so too does a fitness boot camp utilize the same thinking. Dependent on the personality of the trainer leading the camp, you may or may not receive the same type of yelling or motivation that the military gives. Hopefully, it’s never as aggressive as the military boot camp leaders, but maybe someone yelling at you helps you get motivated? Everyone is different, so temper your expectations. If you don’t like the instructor of a boot camp, don’t give up on boot camps, just try another class with a different instructor.

What else can you expect from a weight loss boot camp? The exercises are going to be basic but challenging. Boot camps are designed to help you lose weight quickly, and people flock to them. Their popularity continues to soar because of the awesome results. The workouts are fast-paced and you’ll be asked to dig deep. The workouts will be in interval form, with short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by short rest periods. Your heart rate will stay high, and you will be losing a lot of sweat. Be sure to drink plenty of water before the class and keep drinking water during your rest periods.

You can expect a lot of body weight movement in a weight loss boot camp. Jumping jacks, high knees, body squats, and running in place are just a few of the many exercises you and your fellow exercisers will face. It will be tough at first, especially if you are de-conditioned, but you can get in shape quickly with these classes, so hang in there!

As rigorous as a boot camp may sound, the benefits are huge, and they will be a lot of fun. You may work harder than you’ve ever worked, but your fitness will be taken to a whole new level.