If you’re predisposed to large (or larger than you’d like) thighs, the power is all in you to change it, transform your lower body, and boost your confidence levels to unsurpassed heights. Are you tired of waking up, walking through your day and going to bed feeling dominated by a bad mood, due to the size of your legs? Fret no more, and feel better than ever when you learn how to turn thunderous thighs into thin and trim stems to be proud of!

Squat (and Lunge) Yourself to Two Toned Legs

Begin this exercise by doing it three times a week in addition to your usual cardio and weight lifting regime. Perform 20 consecutive squats, by standing in front of a chair and position your feet so they are at a 90 degree angle and hip width apart. Maintain a slow movement all the way down, until you can no longer see your toes (only 19 more to go!)

Then lunge slowly and in a controlled manner, and with each lunge, make sure your knee doesn’t hit the ground. Do as many lunges as you can, whether it’s in your living room or your gym. As a result, you’ll feel the burn and see the results!

Workout Mean, and Eat Clean

Working out is great, but it amounts to 20 percent of the progress you make. The other 80 percent is about the foods you put in, and consequently, the energy you are able to burn off as a result. So, stop complaining about your thighs, put down the fries, and hit your local health food store instead. Focus on a sensible diet that allows you to eat healthy fats, complex carbs, fruits (as many vegetables as you can handle) and protein with every serving.

Incorporate Some Dance Moves to Your Cardio Workout

When you want to maintain strength in your legs, but want to altogether get rid of the bulk weight and cellulite (two end results of thunder thighs) you have to spruce up your workout. The treadmill, elliptical or stair climber is great for getting your heart rate up and losing pounds, but what will give you that jump start to lean legs are a change up in your cardio.

Take a body jam class where you can incorporate ballet, funk and hip hop. Connect with your inner feistiness by taking an hour long Zumba class. Get your hips shaking with a belly dancing session, or work your heart out by spinning (a spin class) while taking out your anger for your ex – and in the process, lose up to 1,000 calories in an hour!

Thunder thighs aren’t here to stay, no matter what you’ve been told. When you eat well, exercise by changing up your routine, and focus on lower body workouts, you can have it all – lean legs to die for, the motivation to pull through even your most stressful day, and the body you’ve wanted back for years now.