Let’s face it: most of us will become demotivated to stay strong in the weight room when we hit what feels like the inevitable plateau. But is it inevitable? When you challenge yourself to the brink you can continue making progress without frustration along the way. Here’s 4 radical workouts to help get you there.


The Complexity

This first workout option is a tough one – and we mean it will challenge you mentally and physically – but the payoff is massive. Think: circuit training while carrying around a barbell. Nit easy, right? Radical workouts are meant to take you to the brink, so push through the following workout, and enjoy the progress you’ll experience over the next few weeks:

  • 10 reps of deadlifts
  • 15 reps o barbell rows
  • 20 reps of back squats.

Repeat, the complete these sets with an ab workout.

The Filthy 50

Ready for radical? You’ve got it here. The great news? You’;; seriously increase your endurance, stamina, and power. The idea is to move through 10 different exercises with 50 reps each. The kicker? No rests in between, and move as quick as you can until you get to the end:

  • Jumping pull-ups
  • Knees to elbows
  • Burpees
  • Double unders
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Walking lunge
  • Box jump
  • Wall ball throws
  • Back extensions

German Volume Training

Looking to gain some serious muscle? The German Volume Training will get you there! The idea here is to devote 2-3 days of various exercises (10 reps X 10 exercises), along with an extra workout focusing on isolation. Just make sure to get enough rest – you’ll need it from pushing yourself so hard during your workout:

  • Day 1: Chest and Back. Bent over row, lat pull down, barbell bench press and chest fly.
  • Day 2: Legs and Abs. Romanian deadlift, calf raises, weighted sit up and forward lunge.
  • Day 3: Traps, Arms and Shoulders. Military press, barbell curl, triceps pull down, upright row.

Strong is the new sexy, and these workouts will put you on the fast track there. Take it one workout at a time, and when you encounter those challenges along the way, remember: It’s more of a mental game than a physical one. You’ve got this!