Woman riding bikeWhen was the last time you ‘accidentally’ skipped a workout due to your long, hectic, and stressful work day? Sometimes no matter how hard you try, heading to the gym for a full body workout just isn’t in the cards.

When you can’t work out in the weight room, let the weight room come to you! Here are quick exercises you can do on the fly, no matter how tight your schedule is. Do you have a minute in between meetings? Then you need an exercise you can do at the office, or on the go. Keep reading to find out how to easily implement mini workouts in your life, today!

The Importance of Mini Workout Sessions

Here’s the thing about a workout schedule—no matter how hard you try to commit to a consistent workout plan, sometimes things don’t always go…as planned. One of your tires blows. A friend needs your help after work. Your kids have a last minute homework assignment that’s due, and you just can’t get away. Sometimes, taking that run or lifting weights that you planned on doing after a long day of work isn’t always possible. But, thankfully, you have mini-workouts to save the day!

Mini workouts keep your metabolism—and energy level—revved up all day. Why? Because when you’re power walking during your much needed lunch hour, and taking the stairs (instead of the elevator) each time you need to discuss that upcoming project with your boss, you’re burning calories. You’re feeling more confident.  You’re becoming in control of your health.

Cycle to the Grocery Store (and Burn Some Calories!)

Getting your mini workouts in can be as simple as a bike ride. Do you go grocery shopping every Saturday morning? Running errands don’t have to be done in a car. Get creative and cycle to the store instead. Invite your significant other along for a calorie busting ride, while getting your weekend errands knocked out.

Dance While Dusting

Where there’s a will (to get your mini workout in) there’s a way to get it done—no matter how busy your schedule is. Whether you need to vacuum the living room, complete your spreadsheets, or dust the entryway, exercise your way through it! If you’re at home, dust while dancing! If your busy with data entry at work, take a five minute break by doing some chair dips, or one leg squats.

You’re busy—but never too busy for a mini workout.  Find ways throughout your day to get extra steps, lunges or lifts in, and you’re on your way to the fittest, and heathiest you, you’ve ever been!