Handsome young man resting after workout in gymHave you ever wondered why THAT guy is in and out of the gym quicker than you are, and with results that seem to have come about overnight? Do you ever roll your eyes at that woman with the perfect body who seems like she can eat anything she wants and with a body that won’t quit? They don’t take a magic pill, or have the fastest metabolism known to man. But, they may know something you don’t about a successful workout that gets results. When it comes to transforming your body, it’s all about time, effort and intensity. Here’s a look at high intensity, shorter workouts versus the traditional, longer paced workouts.

The Myth:  The Longer You Work Out, the More Calories You Burn

If there’s just ONE classic mistake people make when working out to lose weight, improve the overall tone of their thighs or eliminate their ‘love handles’, it’s this: longer is better.  Unfortunately, the longer the workout, the more frustration (and boredom) you’re at risk for experiencing. Who has the time to devote to a 2 ½ or 3 hour workout?

The Truth: Intensity is More Important Than Your Length of Workout

You can accomplish as much of a killer workout in 30-45 minutes as you would a workout that consists of a few hours. Why? Because the more intensity you bring to each and every machine, the more calories you burn. Could you bring severe Jillian Michael’s-like intensity to your workout for 2 hours straight? Maybe, but keeping that up with each and every workout is unlikely and unrealistic. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a smart, time efficient way to workout, as it burns more calories and blasts more fat in less time. Let’s face it—you’re a busy bee. You don’t have a moment to waste at the gym, so why not push yourself so you can maximize your workout and leverage your time?

Here’s How to Do It

fitness groupAny weight loss and/or fitness goals can be met when you commit to a four day a week, high intensity plan. Give yourself just 30 minutes of weight training a week, combined with an extra two days of 30-60 minute cardio, as recommended by celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels. The proof is in the weight loss puddin’: when you add some cardio and stay committed to the weight room, you’ll increase your fat burning ability, and accelerate your weight loss by leaps and bounds.

While there is nothing wrong with a traditional, longer paced workout, shorter but higher intensity workouts are a great way to fit exercise into your busy schedule—while giving you the same results a longer workout would. Which one is right for you? Commit to the best workout for your lifestyle, and watch the pounds melt off, week by week. Say goodbye to plateaus and hello to a whole new body, and a whole new you!