JuicingBeyoncé does it. Your cubicle buddy at work does it. Your personal trainer recommends it—but are there more risks than benefits to the juicing trend? While fresh, bottled juice seem to be everywhere (from your neighborhood grocery store to farmer’s markets and convenient stores), the same rule applies to juicing as everything else—moderation is key. Here, we’ve broken down juicing like a science, so you can get the 411 on this super food trend.

Save Your Fruits (and Get Your Daily Fill in, Easily)

If (despite your best efforts) you’re unable to go through all the fruits and vegetables you buy for your family at the end of each week, juicing may be the perfect solution! Throw in your cucumbers, melons, bananas or any other fruit that’s about to spoil, and you’ll have a refreshing, healthy drink to reenergize and cleanse your body from head to toe.

It’s a Simple, Easy One-Stop Opportunity to Get Your Fruits and Vegetables In!

It doesn’t matter what you have on hand (cabbage, beets, apples, cucumber, kale, pineapple, mangoes, kiwis, celery, or lettuce). If you have a juicer, you can make your own delicious, refreshing juices at home for a fraction of what it’ll cost you to buy pre-made or made-on-the-spot juices at your favorite smoothie bar.

JuiceJuicing Helps Prevent Disease and Illness

IT’s hard to get your daily fruits and vegetable fix in—especially with an average work day that’s filled with obligations, family responsibilities and professional deadlines. Juicing makes living a healthy, vibrant life a piece of cake! Blend all of your fruits and vegetables you have on hand in your juicer, and help prevent the following illness/diseases: breast cancer, colon cancer, weakened immune system, the common cold, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, leaky gut syndrome, and cancer of the prostate.

Juicing at Home Can Be Expensive

There could be just one reason more people haven’t started making their own fruit and veggie filled juices at home—it comes with a cost. A juicer can cost anywhere from $50 (on sale if you’re lucky enough to find one) to hundreds of dollars, or more. But, if improving your energy level, boosting your mood, and curbing unhealthy, sugar filled cocktails or caffeinated drinks is your priority, there’s nothing like a juicer to bring you to the other side—the healthy side of life! Think of your health as an investment—and in that way, a juicer will be worth every penny.