You know the drill: to get in better shape, it requires consistent exercise and a healthy diet. Ever been preached at by a doctor to improve your lifestyle in order to lose weight, reduce your risk of developing diabetes, or building muscle mass, and wonder if they actually walk the talk? These doctors do. Follow the plans of healthy medical professions who know what it takes and practice it to a ‘T’!


Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike is as popular online as he is offline. With over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, you can find his daily healthy lifecycle posts attracting people in every stage of their fitness journey. He’s known for posting images of his workout with his dogs, running in the park, and including information about his daily diet.


Kevin Pho, M.D.

Kevin Pho, M.D. is known online (and offline!) as “social media’s leading physicians voice.” His platform is a shared opportunity for doctors, medical students, nurses, and policy experts to come together, share their experiences in the healthcare field and offer insights to the public.  


Wendy Sue Swanson

Otherwise known as the ‘Seattle Mom Doc,’ she’s a Seattle based pediatrician who uses her online presence to connect and communicate with parents all over the globe. She shares parenting, overall health and fitness tips with her demographic, and posts regular blog a4rticles on everything under the sun. Her social media presence is personal and thoughtful, with her goal being: keep your family healthy.


Dr. Myron Rolle

From 2010-2012, Myron was one of the smartest athletes to ever play pro football. Teams passed on him because they viewed him as more dedicated to science than the game – and they were right! His social media post is huge, with fans and followers watching videos of his crossfit workouts, and motivational tools for staying engaged with a healthy lifestyle and workplace.


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