Happy woman exercising outdoors
If your work environment has left you feeling sluggish and without much time to exercise, stop blaming your boss. Instead, get creative by finding sneaky ways to burn off yesterday’s lunch. Do you work in a skyscraper, or office with an elevator? Get in the habit of taking the stairs any chance you get, and you’ll be able to achieve the secret of personal trainers everywhere – sneaky, mini-workouts!

When you look for any opportunity to strengthen your glutes, biceps or calves, you can rev up your metabolism, lose weight and stay on track with your fitness. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the office or at home. A workout is always just a minute away…and can be done from your kitchen to your cubicle!

Have Fun With Your Cardio

If exercise can’t be enjoyable, why do it at all? When you participate in a fun workout, time passes quickly. By adding a ballet workout, Zumba class or boot camp to your regular routine, you’ll burn more calories by not wanting that fun to stop! Have your workouts gotten stagnate? Do you need a reason to trim your waistline, or simply fight off the temptation to dig your hand in the cookie jar?

Make cardio fun by adding something new to the mix and you’ll wonder where the enthusiasm, and inner inspiration to run harder, jump higher and squat deeper has come from! What’s fun to you? Is it an adrenaline packed boot camp that offers a variety of strength training workouts in one, or an aqua fitness dance class?

No matter what ‘fun fitness’ means to you, add some spice to your weekly workouts with an activity that is new, energizing and engaging. From cross fit to a 70’s theme dance workout, the possibilities are endless. Exercise in a new, fun way and lose the temptation to reach for those sugar cookies, holiday fudge and casserole!