Does anything taste as good as being thin feels? We don’t know about you, but when it comes to living, feeling and being your happiest, it goes hand in hand with how you feel about yourself, and more specifically, your body. Is your body doing you good, or doing you wrong? Are you doing your body wrong?

If you’re feeling a bit off in the body confidence department, and could use a pick-me-up to energize and empower you, you’re not alone. In fact, who couldn’t use a justification jolt to get them running, squatting and lifting with intention and enthusiasm? Whether you’re headed back to the gym after being incognito for a few weeks, or you’re feeling unenthused about your fitness progress, here are some inspirational mottos, mantras and mindset tricks to keep you going strong – in the gym and outside of it.

You’re More Than Your Body

Sometimes it feels like our mind is disconnected from our body. And sometimes, it feels like our mind and body are so connected that it seems as if we are one. But what happens when you let how your body looks affect how you feel? Everyone’s guilty of it from time to time, but when it becomes a daily habit of thought, something’s gotta give.

Give up the self-loathing, the victim mentality, and most of all, give up the idea that your body is who you are. It’s not. It’s a part of you, and it serves as the vehicle of your life, to get you from A to B. It’s also going to reflect how kind you treat it. So treat it well, and remember: You’re more than your body. Be good to yourself, and be good to it. As you work out, repeat as necessary.

Every Setback is an Opportunity For a Comeback

What’s the difference between a winning body and an overweight and unfit one? One overcomes hurdles, and the other lets setbacks define them, mold them and reflect those setbacks (without doing a darn thing to change its circumstance!) Everyone has physical hurdles to overcome. It could be that your recent knee injury is preventing you from working out as normal. It could be that you hit your plateau and can’t seem to lose another pound.

So what are you willing to do about this setback? Will it define you, or will you look at it in the face, and demand something to change? It’s your choice, ultimately but if you need a boost to empower you, here’s one: Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback, period. And, I choose to come back better than ever.

Visualize Your Workout (as Part of Your Pre-Workout Plan)

Workout out your body is the ultimate goal here. After all, you can’t lose that belly weight, tone up your butt or get back into those skinny jeans of yours without those consistent sweat sessions. You know you have to ‘work it to earn it’, but what will propel you in motion to keep up the hard work? Yep, a solid mindset that refuses to lose.

Setting up your mind for what you want to achieve is just as important (if not more important) than the heavy lifting, squatting and pedaling. Here’s a trick to get your mind in the right place, and when you use this as part of your pre-workout routine, you’ll go the extra mile, getting that body you want in less time and with less drama on the road there!

The Perfect Body – It’s in Your Head

Sit somewhere in which you can be alone for about five minutes. Breathe in, deeply and slowly and then release it out. As thoughts of frustration, stress or insecurity pop up, accept them and then invite them to go on their way. Now, as you inhale and exhale, focus on the image of your perfect body – not how it is today, but how you want it to be. Imagine your lean frame, your face, your toned arms, legs and stomach.

Now, as you focus on this body that is yours, give thanks for it. Enjoy how you feel, and how liberated you are from your insecurities and unhappiness. Give thanks to your body, and as you do, imagine a pure white light surrounding you. It goes up from your toes, and all the way up, up, up to the crown of your head.  Then, imagine as it begins to shoot rays of this pure white light into your mind, until all you feel is love, happiness, joy and contentment for your body. Relaxed, you can open your eyes and feel a rush of adrenaline and compassion for your body in order to make it the healthiest it can possibly be.

Improve your mood, and improve your workout. Improve your workout, and improve your body. It’s as simple as that, and when you set your mind up for success, the rest of it is a walk on easy street.