break bad, build good habitsWhen it comes to your workout, you’re doing everything right. In fact, most days you’re on fire! Your posture is awesome, your stance is perfect and your lifts, steps, and lunges are just what they should be. So with as much of a workout commitment as you give each and every day, why doesn’t your body reflect all that hard work and dedication? Here’s the reality: it may not be what you’re doing inside the gym—but outside of it—that matters most.

Your Post-Workout Happy Hour Habit

If you’re used to working out right after a hard day’s work, you may want nothing more to unwind with than a big martini, apple infused cocktail or pint of your favorite beer. Sure it sounds good, and the perfect way to relax, but what does your waistline have to say about it? Here’s why alcohol is a big ‘no-no’ when it comes to your fat loss goals: drinking a glass of your favorite beer or whiskey sour are empty calories, and actually work to stop your metabolism from burning fat altogether! When your body metabolizes alcohol (with the exception of red wine), it turns to fat, which is responsible for that muffin top you’re working so hard to lose.

You’ve Got the Workout Right, but Your Post-Workout Meal Wrong

photodune-8282111-calorie-bomb-xsDeveloping a habit of working out is difficult for many to do, so if you’ve done it, give yourself a pat on the back! Now it’s time to get your post-meal right. First things first: your body is dying for a nutrient rich meal, following a workout in which you pushed yourself, and pressed, and squatted your way to a better butt (or abs, thighs, biceps, etc…you get the idea.) If you don’t eat within an hour of working out, your body will begin to store fat—instead of continuing to burn it.

Opt for protein. No, that doesn’t mean a protein filled burger topped with a buttery bun from your favorite fast food place! High quality protein such as roasted almonds (for something different and delicious, roast almonds with drizzled olive oil and soy sauce at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.) Fix yourself a turkey burger patty topped with half an avocado, lettuce and tomato. Alternatively, enjoy a bowl of greek yogurt, topped with your favorite fresh berries and drizzled with honey, or scramble up an omelet packed with mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella, turkey, olives and spinach.

When you focus on your post-workout habits (not just the habits you engage in while at the gym), you’ll always come out a champion of good health, excellent living and a balanced mind and body!