When it comes to work outs that actually make an impact, which ones actually work? Design your own circuit to meet your fitness goals. Don’t worry if they fail to meet the standard mold. This blog post will show you how!


What is a Giant Set?


Whether you’re used to lifting hard and heavy or fast and furiously, you know the drill. Set after set (a series or repetitive motions using free standing weights, weight machines or your own body weight to build muscle) isn’t easy. But, no matter what your style is, you do need to see progress achieved over time. Giant sets may do just that. Giant sets are an advanced weight training technique designed to reach your intensity ‘peak’.


Here’s How to Do It


When you want to change up the intensity and stamina in your workout, giant sets (similar to supersets and drop sets) may be the way to go for expedited results. This kind of training can supercharge your fat loss, since it incorporates very little rest. Using just one body part, you’ll go through four (or more) moves with little to no rest in between. Here’s how it will work:


  • Let’s say you’re going to do a lateral raise, overhead press, upright row and a rear-delt raise.
  • Overloading the muscle groups, do one exercise after another. Push through it with as much intensity as you can.
  • Catch your breath, then repeat.


While supersets are about using massive weight, giant sets aren’t enough the weight, but about little rest with an isolation of muscle groups. It requires uninterrupted work, but worth the payoff. If you find it too difficult, reduce the amount of weight used. Lift, squat, lunge and push your way through the pain for an amazing outcome!